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Harry Potter Film Ignores Gay Leading Man; Neo-Nazi Tells Court He’s Bisexual; Another Kennedy, Again

Harry Potter Film Ignores Gay Leading Man

I’m surprised at Ms. Know-It-All, J. K. Rowling. I’ve never seen a Harry Potter film, and I never plan to see one. It’s not my genre, and it never will be. So I’m only linking to this. I do, however, have one comment at the end.

When asked whether Dumbledore’s sexuality will be mentioned at all in the film, director David Yates said:

“Not explicitly. But I think all the fans are aware of that. He had a very intense relationship with Grindelwald when they were young men. They fell in love with each other’s ideas, and ideology and each other.”

Clearly, a lot of gay people are not happy about this. You can read the rest here.

You’ve seen me rant about THAT film, Call Me By Your Name. I ranted because that’s a story about a 17 year old barely legal boy having a sexual relationship with an older man. It’s the same dismal story line gay men get all the time in films. But even worse, they refer to Call Me By Your Name as a gay romance when it is anything but a gay romance. And now this, with Harry Potter. God forbid anyone should give gay people a good romance, or show kids a positive love story between two men.

As someone in the comments pointed out, at least Star Trek did it correctly. 

Neo-Nazi Tells Court He’s Bisexual

Here’s a story about a guy who allegedly planned a “murderous attack” on gay people, but was stopped before he had the chance to do anything. And now he’s denying it. It’s very twisted. 

Now Stables is denying he planned any sort of terroristic attack, telling the court he’s not homophobic at all.
He says he’d written the posts simply to get a rise out of friends, adding: “Actually I am bisexual.”
His attorney claims Stables has Asperger’s syndrome.
Here’s the rest. If nothing else, in general, I think it’s a good example of why you should never, ever post anything on social media that’s damaging or violent. Unfortunately, I see people do it all the time and frankly I’m surprised we aren’t seeing more things like this in court. 
Another Kennedy, Again
I’m sure Joe Kennedy III is a great guy, with tons of talent, and I hope he has a bright future in politics. I’m not knocking him. But as a registered Democrat all my life, I’d like to see something a little different for a change. It’s like they just keep recycling that same strategy over and over, and no one new ever gets a chance. 
The overall tenor of Kennedy’s speech was distinctly anti-Tr–p, and more than a few pundits agreed he was the wrong person to be making that argument.
You can check this out, here. He is cute. There’s that. 
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FREE GIVEAWAY; A Gay Man Who Doesn’t Like Anal Sex…He’s A Gay "Side"; Maryland Firefighters Arrested For Sex Assault; Liam Payne’s Half Naked Selfie, Again

A Gay Man Who Doesn’t Like Anal Sex…He’s A Gay “Side”

This is unusual. Mainly because I know a lot of gay men who don’t like anal sex. They’re just not into it. Some don’t like oral sex. Yes…we talk about these things all the time, in person and not on the Internet.

I recently wrote for Gay Star News about how I identify as a side. It’s someone who either doesn’t engage in anal at all, or just isn’t bothered by it.
But, I was surprised by how controversial my sex life was to readers and the viewers on my YouTube channel.

Here’s more. I never heard the term “side” before, so I learned something new with this one. But the whole point is that he received a lot of backlash for what he said. And I suppose that’s because everyone on the Internet knows everything, and they aren’t afraid to tell you they know everything. Sarcasm intended.

Maryland Firefighters Arrested For Sex Assault

This makes me wonder if everything that’s been happening with regard to sexual assaults in Hollywood and Journalism is going to start trickling into the mainstream. It stands to reason. Sexual assaults are not limited to anything specific.

Police arrested four firefighters allegedly involved in an attempted sexual assault at Fallston Volunteer Fire Company in Fallston, Maryland. The Harford County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the arrests on Tuesday (12 December).
According to online court records, police charged the men with various sexual assault offenses against a 17-year-old man who was a former member of the volunteer company.

Here’s the rest. The allegations are detailed, and you might be shocked.

Liam Payne’s Half Naked Selfie, Again

If you’re still impressed by this sort of thing, you’ll like it. However, I’m starting to think the selfie thing is wearing thin and a lot of these people are starting to come off as trite. But I could be wrong. We’ll see. I just have this feeling that the upcoming sarcasm tweets about people who live to take too many selfies are going to be the next cheese tweets.

 And Liam Payne has done just that – by once again posting a topless selfie on social media that could pass for a Grindr photo.

You can check that out here.

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Gay Hairdresser Actor On The Comback Dies; Grindr Bought Out By Chinese Gaming Company; Colton Haynes Gets Engaged, Again

Gay Hairdresser Actor On The Comeback Dies

I was a faithful fan of the TV series starring Lisa Kudrow titled, The Comeback. I particularly liked Robert Michael Morris who played Kudrow’s personal assistant. More often than not, he was the one who grounded her character and kept her steady. And he was also one of the few people on whom she could trust and depend.

So I hated to see this.

Robert Michael Morris, the actor who played a flamboyant gay hairdresser on HBO’s The Comeback for two seasons, has died. 

He was 77. 

Morris was a standout on the comedy starring Lisa Kudrow who tweeted on Tuesday (30 May) that the actor was ‘an example of what a truly good soul looks like.’ 

You can read more here. There’s a photo, too.


Grindr Bought Out By Chinese Gaming Company

It’s amazing to think an app like this would command this kind of money.

The Chinese gaming company that bought a majority shareholding in gay dating app Grindr last year has announced its intention to buy the remainder of the company.

In January 2016, Beijing Kunlun Tech bought a 61.5% stake in Grindr for $93million – putting a value of $155million on the business.

You can check that out here. 

Colton Haynes Gets Engaged, Again

Colton Haynes already got engaged once, but I guess he wants to get as much publicity out of it as possible. And you know what? Good for him. Straight celebrities have been doing this kind of thing for years and years, so frankly I’m thrilled to finally see a gay celebrity do the same.

This past Sunday, 28-year-old Colton decided to return the favor. 

While the couple was hanging out by the pool over the holiday weekend, he dropped a diamond encrusted ring into Jeff’s glass of Dom Perignon while Sonny and Cher’s “I Got Your Babe” played softly in the background.

Here’s more, with a photo.  

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Dude With HUGE Penis Is Not Guilty; Miracle Penis Transplant Operation; The World’s Largest Penis, Again

Dude With HUGE Penis Is Not Guilty

Not too long ago I posted about a guy in Florida who claimed that his extra huge penis killed his girlfriend by accident during oral sex, as his defense in court.

And it worked. He was recently found not guilty of second degree murder. Keep in mind this was a jury trial, not a bench trial.

Richard Patterson, 65, of Margate, was acquitted of killing 60-year-old girlfriend Francisca Marquinez in 2015 after a week-long trial, according to the Sun Sentinel.

During the trial, his lawyers initially argued that Marquinez died accidentally while performing oral sex on him at her apartment.

To bolster their defense, Patterson’s lawyers filed a motion to show his penis to the jury.

There are more details here. 

Miracle Penis Transplant Operation

It’s really amazing what they can do now.

Surgeon Professor Andre van der Merwe said the patient — only the third person to have the op — is doing “remarkably well”.

But the South African urologist added: “He is black and the donor was white, that’s the only issue. We have very few donors.

“The colour discrepancy will be corrected with medical tattooing.”

There’s not much you can say about this. I think it’s amazing. You can check it out in full here.

The World’s Largest Penis, Again

This guy just keeps making the news. Evidently, he knows what he’s doing, too. He’s happy with his penis, and he knows it’s made him famous.

A Mexican man with an alleged 18.9 inch penis has shunned advice from medical experts who urge him to seek a reduction in his penis size.

Doctors claimed Roberto Esquivel Cabrera, 54, of Saltillo, Mexico has been stretching his penis with weights since his teenage years, according to Daily Mail.

They added that his actual size is six inches and the rest is just foreskin.

Here’s the rest. 

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Anne Rice Feels As If She’s Gay; More About "Dude Sex"; The Benham Brothers Are Worried, Again

Anne Rice Feels As If She’s Gay

It may have been authors like Anne Tyler and John Irving that inspired me to be a fiction writer and to love fiction, but it was Anne Rice, and ONLY Anne Rice, who first showed me that gay characters…and homoerotic scenes…could actually be incorporated into mainstream fiction. She did this when no one else was doing it. And I will never forget how I felt when I picked up Interview With the Vampire, started reading, and discovered there was something gay going on in that book. At that time, I didn’t think anything like that existed. I wasn’t even sure it was allowed.

With that said, Anne Rice recently said this in an interview with Daily Beast…

I was writing about vampires before the AIDS crisis. People told me Interview with the Vampire was a gay allegory, and I was very honored by that. [Rice’s son, Christopher, is openly gay.] I think I have a gay sensibility and I feel like I’m gay, because I’ve always transcended gender, and I’ve always seen love as transcending gender. In my books, I’ve always created bonds of love that have transcended gender. But I’ve never associated AIDS with vampires, myself.

I’ve always been very much a champion of gay rights, and art produced by gay people—whether it was the early Frankenstein movies that had such a gay sensibility to them, or any art created by gay people. I’m highly sensitive to it. I have a gay sensibility. I get teased a lot by my gay friends because we have a rapport on things we find exciting or interesting. It’s very hard for me to remember that I have a gender, and that they’re treating me in a negative way because of that gender.”

Here’s the source. The comments from people are vicious, dumb, and cruel with this one. It’s a good example of the Internet at its worst. And that’s ironic because Anne Rice has spent a great deal of time fighting bullies online in the writing community. She did this when everyone else was terrified to do it, and it gave strength to those who have been bullied in writing circles. But all that aside, I only know that Anne Rice gave me…a gay kid who loved to read…something gay to read at a time when gay wasn’t chic, it wasn’t the most popular thing to do, and all other mainstream fiction writers ignored it…even those fiction writers who were gay. As far as I’m concerned, she’s earned her right to feel as if she’s gay.

More About “Dude Sex”

Here’s an interview with a guy named Tony Silva who studies things like straight guys having gay sex.

Silva’s recent study, Bud-Sex: Constructing Normative Masculinity Among Rural Straight Men That Have Sex With Men, has been blowing up the Internet. In it, he spoke with 19 different men living in rural, predominately white areas who identify as straight but who hook up with other men on occasion.

“There is quite a bit of research about sexuality and masculinity in urban areas,” Silva, who identifies as queer and has both an MA and MS in sociology, explains. “Rural sexualities and masculinities are fairly understudied. For this reason I was interested in examining those areas.”

You can read the interview here. The more I read about things like this I do start to wonder. At a glance these straight guys having sex with guys sound like closet cases. However, this kind of reminds me of articles I’ve read about how straight cowboys in the old wild west had young male sex slaves working on ranches because there weren’t any women around. You don’t hear much about it because it’s so taboo. 

The Benham Brothers Are Worried, Again

I think these two Benham brothers come up with this nonsense to get attention. This time it’s about the HB2 bill in North Carolina. 

Now that the bill has been repealed, failed-reality-stars-turned-Christian-extremist-activists David and Jason Benham have taken to Facebook to express their outrage over what they’re calling a “political shakedown” by “sexual activists” so they can begin their systematic persecution of Christians.

“Here’s what they’re really after,” David Benham asserts in a new video uploaded to the twinsies’ Facebook page. “If you can repeal that, then they can go right back in and enact ordinances all over this state that will open up our bathrooms and our locker rooms to sexual predators!”

Here’s the rest. All I know is that I’ve NEVER met a transgender person who is a sexual predator. But I’ve been to plenty of men’s rooms in my time where the real sexual predators were straight, married, middle aged, Christian men looking for gay sex on the down low. They aren’t shy about it either. In fact, they congregate in public rest rooms looking for sex with men. All of them living double lives in the closet, and then they head off to their Christian churches on Sunday mornings. Once again, something else you won’t hear in the mainstream media. Good old Jake Tapper should do a CNN “Breaking News” on this topic, just once. 


The Sneaky Disingenuous Hollywood Actors In the Closet; Cher, Dyslexia, Gays, and Hollywood Fail, Again; University of Indonesia To "Normalize" Gays

The Sneaky, Disingenuous Hollywood Actors In the Closet

This has always been a rough one for me, because I have always firmly believed that no one should ever be forced into coming out as gay. For most people who fall under the umbrella of LGBTQ, it’s a serious, emotional decision for which they have to be ready. And I still believe that. I receive e-mails daily from closeted gay male readers who are fighting with this dilemma every waking minute.

However, there are still a lot of double standards going on in Hollywood these days that are both disingenuous and sneaky. I’m not going into a long rant about this because I know everyone “gets’ it.

Here’s an article that gives 20 reasons why Matt Damon was wrong to tell gay actors to remain in the closet.

So there still are no openly gay leading men, at least on the Major Motion Picture front. It’s a pity.

According to Matt Damon (in a comment he’s since insisted was taken out of context), this is because the career of Rupert Everett, who came out in 1989 when Matt was 19, did not achieve the stardom Everett apparently assumed he was destined for. Apparently this narrative, promulgated mostly by Everett, made a deep impression on Damon.

Damon’s theory, whether he meant it or not, is another version of the old canard that openly gay men can’t be leading men because straight men recoil at the notion and, for women, it ruins the fantasy. Hahaha

You can read the rest here. It’s a list of successful openly gay stars, proving Matt Damon wrong. However, Damon isn’t totally wrong because that same passive aggressive, self-loathing homophobia still exists today in Hollywood. 

Cher, Dyslexia, Gays, and Hollywood Fail, Again

On the surface, this sounds okay. I can even relate to it to a certain extent…again, on the surface. However, I would never be presumptuous…or foolish enough…to even try to begin to understand what life is like for someone with dyslexia. And frankly, I would like the same respect extended to me as a gay man from someone who is still coming from a place of privilege like Cher. 

But while making yet another fundraising appearance for Hillary Clinton this week, the Oscar winner talked about another reason why she feels so simpatico with LGBTI people: her dyslexia.

‘I understand, and I think this is a thing that I share with my gay brothers and sisters, that I understand shame-for-no-reason,’ she said at The Park on 10th Avenue in New York City.

‘I understand trying to overcome what you shouldn’t have to overcome, something that’s just natural, that we are, the people who we are, the colors that we are.’

Here’s a link to the rest.

This is Hollywood fail, and in the same way it always has been. As far as I know, Cher will never know what it’s like to be refused the right to marry legally. And that’s just one thing. 

University of Indonesia To “Normalize” Gays

Evidently, they think they can “normalize” gay people at this university.

Syamsu Qamar Badu, the rector of the State University of Gorontalo (UNG), issued a new set of policies targeting LGBTI people.

This includes a ‘special team’ employed to look out for, and offer ‘counseling’ for, students they suspect of identifying as LGBTI.

‘This identification process will not be easy, but we can’t just let it happen if there are male students wearing lipstick on campus,’ Badu said.

You can read the rest here. 

Lipstick on campus? Someone should tell them.

And it’s interesting to note that The Indonesia Psychiatric Association (PDSKJI) still believes “homosexuality” is an illness.





Grindr Date, Murder, and Cannibalism; James Franco and Christian Slater Gay Baiting, Again; "Moonlight" A Beautiful, Rare Gay Movie

Grindr Date, Murder, and Cannibalism

This is probably one of the worst Grindr related stories I’ve seen so far.

A cop hooked up with someone he’d met on Grindr and wound up dead. And they way the victim’s body was disposed of is beyond horrific.

He also claims that he disposed of some body parts by biking them over to a quiet spot beside the River Themes.

Brizzi said there was still a foot, hand, and leg at the apartment “which I tried to roast as well.”

While being interrogated, Brizzi, who’s HIV-positive, allegedly admitted:  “I thought I was getting away with it.”

Here’s the rest

Be careful out there. You never know.

James Franco and Christian Slater Gay Baiting, Again

Here’s a link to yet another quasi promotional piece for the upcoming movie, King Cobra.

This just in: Christian Slater is a very competitive person. Especially when it comes to shooting gay sex scenes in movies.

While speaking at a Q&A after the premiere of King Cobra over the weekend, 47-year-old Slater spoke candidly about the film’s many, many, many gay sex scenes and how he didn’t want James Franco to get all the attention. So he improvised a scene of his own.

There’s more here, with comments. I’ll post one of the comments below.

I’ve been posting about this for a while, and the fact that Brent Corrigan distanced himself from the entire project because he didn’t feel anything was being portrayed accurately. And this was his life…he lived a good deal of the story.

Here’s one of the articles where Corrigan speaks candidly:

Corrigan was previously offered a role in the film but he rejected the offer. In an interview with Str8UpGayPorn (NSFW), Corrigan stayed firmed on his decision, and further revealed that the script isn’t accurate, has ‘loads wrong’ and some important parts are also left out.

‘I chose to stay out of it because it was clear to me they were not trying to make a movie that would serve gay men, the gay adult industry, or any justice with what happened to Bryan, or what I lived through with Grant [Roy].

If you don’t know what King Cobra is all about, here’s a link to a few things I’ve posted.

And here’s a comment from the piece to which I linked first that pretty much sums it all up for most gay people.

Captain Obvious 
I don’t understand how Hollywood can be so filled to the brim with gay men yet so homophobic these tools have to create crappy loosely gay movies to express who they really are.

Then again Tyler Perry is doing the same thing in Atlanta.

After all the progress towards people accepting orientation Hollyweird just can’t seem to get on board because they want an endless supply of teen boys to pimp out.

I understand it. They are coming from places of privilege and they don’t have a clue. They think of us as gay, and they’re okay with that, but we’ll never be totally equal to them. That’s the mind set I’ve been dealing with most of my life. I once went into a sparring session on the DearAuthor comment thread with the owner of the blog herself, Jane Litte, about why it’s so wrong for this kind of appropriation to happen in films (and sometimes books). And while she was trying to trick me into saying the wrong thing, and presenting the argument that straight actors should be able to play gay roles whenever they want, I knew it was falling upon deaf ears and I took a step back. There are some hills that aren’t worth climbing. But I never forget either.

“Moonlight” A Beautiful, Rare Gay Movie

I wanted to post about this, in direct contrast to King Cobra. While reading the comments to one of the articles above, I saw a few people mention a wonderful new gay film titled, Moonlight.

The forthcoming film Moonlight, out October 21, is at once particular in its perspective and universally relatable. Set in Miami in the late 1980s and ’90s, the film chronicles the coming-of-age of a gay black boy—Chiron (“shy-rone”)—as he struggles with his sexuality, peer pressure, and a drug-addicted single mother. Over the course of the film, he is taken under the wing of a sympathetic local drug kingpin (Mahershala Ali), and he finds, loses, and finally reconnects with his first love, Kevin. The action unfolds in three acts—each one a different stage in the life of Chiron, whose conflicted teenage persona is captured beautifully by Ashton Sanders. Overall, the film is a moving reflection on black masculinity and human vulnerability.

It’s actually an interview with the author of the play on which the film is based, Tarell Alvin McCraney. You can read it in full here.

The Wedding

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