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Kevin Spacey, AGAIN; Conor McGregor, F#ggot Slur, and His Many Gay Friends; Jamie Dornan Strips In Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer; Muslim Fashion Company Creates Rainbow Hijab

Kevin Spacey, AGAIN

Two more guys have come out with allegations of sexual harassment by Kevin Spacey. I found this quote interesting because I know from personal experience that’s exactly the way you feel when something like this happens.

“I was completely bewildered. I didn’t walk away thinking, ‘I’ve just been sexually assaulted.’ It was more a case of ‘That was an incredibly weird thing to happen’. Then, the more I thought about it, the more I came to realize ‘He just grabbed my -—-. That just really happened. What the hell do I do with this information?’” Nixon says.

Most of us just don’t talk about these assaults. Men aren’t supposed to talk about them.

You can read more, here. 

Conor McGregor, F#ggot Slur, and His Many Gay Friends

This is one of those times when you know the straight guy knows absolutely nothing about gay men or gay culture. Because he wouldn’t have used that word if he did know. And in spite of Conor’s “many gay friends,” if he did have a clue, good old Conor would know that word is mainly used by straight men just like him who are looking for a pejorative when they are just too privileged to know any better.

The pro mixed martial arts fighter and UFC champion came under fire last month after he referred to Andre Fili, who had just beaten his teammate Artem Lobov during a fight, as a “faggot”.
Now, during an interview with Sky News, Conor has admitted that he was wrong to use the slur, but also attempted to defend his actions with an excuse that will sound all too familiar to minorities…
“I have many gay friends,” he said. “When we were campaigning for gay marriage, to legalise it, I was a big campaigner for it, so I am not against that at all.
Here’s more. It gets even worse…and to be totally honest I actually don’t hold anything against the guy and I really don’t think he meant to offend anyone. When you’re coming from a place of such white straight male privilege there’s no way you can ever know just how much that one word stings and cuts. 
 Jaime Dornan Strips In Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer
Even though I did read the books, I have to admit that I didn’t see either of the Fifty Shades of Grey movies, and I don’t plan to see this last one. I had nothing against the books, but the movies just didn’t do it for me. But I know a lot of people did like them so this should make a lot of people smile.
As the Fifty Shades trilogy comes to an end, we’re having difficulty accepting that we’ll no longer be seeing Mr Grey on our screens… but the final trailer for finale Fifty Shades Freed is making us feel a little better.
Jamie Dornan, who plays the sadistic and kinda problematic – but also really hot and rich – Christian Grey, can be seen doing his best ‘Daniel Craig as James Bond’ in the teaser as he emerges from the ocean dripping wet.
Muslim Fashion Company Creates Rainbow Hijab
This is interesting. A Muslim owned company in Australia is making rainbow hijabs to support gay marriage in this ongoing postal vote Australia’s been doing in order to get gay marriage legalized. People can also wear it as a scarf, in many different ways.  
The vote has ignited a debate that’s brought out the worst in homophobes, with priests declaring ‘all gays should be shot’ and MPs telling LGBT+ people to “stop being delicate little flowers” despite their rights being on the line.
“During one of the most critical and important times in our nation’s history, we at MOGA are proud to voice our support for marriage equality in Australia,” the company said in a statement.
I hope it helps. I hope the citizens of Australia support gay marriage. That’s always my bottom line. 
You can check that out here. The photos are very nice. 
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