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John Barrowman Honored by Queen; Chelsea Manning Op-Ed Piece; Palm Beack Stud by Ryan Field

John Barrowman Honored by Queen

Torchwood and Arrow star, John Barrowman, claims it’s been one of the most exciting things of his life being honored by Queen Elizabeth.

John Barrowman was recognized with a Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) over the weekend and the honor has left the Torchwood and Arrow star ‘chuffed.’ ‘It’s been the hardest thing for me to keep this a secret, but I’m glad it’s out now, because this is probably one of the proudest days of my life,’ Barrowman said in a video posted online.

More here. Barrowman is openly gay, which I wish didn’t make a difference. But it still does and it’s still worth mentioning.

Torchwood and Arrow are two different TV shows (I think). I’m not familiar with either so I thought I’d mention them so I don’t get any facts wrong.

As first reported by EW, Barrowman will board the network’s adaptation of the DC Comics series as a well-dressed man who is as mysterious as he is wealthy. In the recurring role, the Doctor Who alum will play an acquaintance of the Queen family and prominent figure in Starling City.

You can read more here.

Chelsea Manning Op-Ed Piece

This is interesting for a variety of reasons. For one thing, Chelsea Manning is a member of the LGBTI community and identifies as a trans woman. When she leaked 700,000  secret military documents she did it because she wanted to let the world know what’s been happening. She allegedly claims the mainstream media is not doing its job informing us and the government is not telling us all we need to know about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

 ‘I believe that the current limits on press freedom and excessive government secrecy make it impossible for Americans to grasp fully what is happening in the wars we finance,’ she writes.

During the Iraq elections in 2010, Manning maintains she saw military and diplomatic reports that showed the country’s Ministry of Interior and federal police, ‘on behalf of Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki,’ harassed, tortured, and killed political dissenters.

I hate to say it again, but it’s not something that surprises me. I’ve consistently found the mainstream media in all respects lacking in substance and getting weaker in the past ten years in all aspects. I would even take it a step further, but I’d rather not do that in a short post like this.

But it doesn’t surprise me. What does surprise me is the lack of concern in the US from so many. They seem to believe everything they are told by members of the press who are making millions of dollars to tell them what they are being told. Bill Maher is a freaking comedian, not a journalist. He’s an entertainer, not a reporter. He’s in this for money no matter what he leads you to believe. Unfortunately,  few ever question anything anymore. We don’t even get the basics and no one seems to mind.

You can read more here.

Palm Beach Stud by Ryan Field

Here’s a link and a description to a book in the Bad Boy Billionaire Series. I’ve been consistently lacking in my promotional habits and I’m trying to rectify that as much as I can. This novel is a gay romance set in Palm Beach, Florida with more than a few emotional scenes…especially in the end.

The interesting thing about true love is that it never really ends for those who know what it means to love openly and honestly with all their hearts. It’s something that’s hard to define, and yet it’s so deep in the soul it can’t be ignored. And Brady Bradley is no exception to this rule when he finds himself marrying a man he respects and admires, but doesn’t love as much as his first husband.

Brady is one of those people who are damaged by love at a young age, and he’s never recovered. All he’s looking for with his second husband is trust, honesty, and a sense of emotional security he never could find with his bad boy first husband.
But one week before the wedding, Brady’s ex-husband returns to Palm Beach with his new, younger boyfriend and a business partner who wants to buy Brady’s family home. Although everyone—including Brady’s family—loves his billionaire ex-husband, Brady only sees the man who cheated on him and ruined his entire life.

Will Brady be able to move forward with his life and marry the sensible, practical man in a bowtie? Or will he wind up devastated again by the same brand of daydreaming that once left him wrecked? 

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