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Why I Won’t Do Ads On This Blog Right Now…

I’ve been approached by a few people about placing ads here on the blog. I’ve thought about it seriously. It’s not that I’m against ads on blogs. But I rarely ever pay attention to them. For that matter, I don’t pay attention to ads on facebook either. I find them intrusive and I automatically drift in the opposite direction of ads like this. And instead of leaving me with a subconscious desire to purchase the product being advertised, I wind up with a conscious desire to avoid places where there are too many ads. Most are extremely cheesy looking.

I’m also unsure about the money these ads generate. It looks like nickle and diming to me. I could be wrong. I haven’t done it. Maybe they do make money. But speaking as someone who has owned an operated two good businesses and bought and sold my fair share of high end real estate I don’t like wasting my time…or taking the risk of annoying my regular blog readers for nickles and dimes. Since I started the blog…not for profit at all…I’ve also started generating thousands of hits a week to my own surprise. And I take each and every blog reader as seriously as I take the readers who buy my books.

Being that I don’t often review books here on the blog, it wouldn’t be a conflict of interest if I started doing ads. I will comment on books I love once in a while, but my taste is so eclectic I rarely zoom in on any one particular genre. And, this will never be a review blog.

A lot of the ads I’ve been approached about have been geared toward the adult entertainment industry. I have no problem with this. I write a lot of erotica and I don’t judge anyone. But this blog is, and always has been, pg rated. And even that’s stretching it…it’s more like g-rated as far as blog posts go. If I were to have ads here promoting something in the adult entertainment industry I’d have to do that Google Content Warning Page. And they annoy the hell out of me.

So I don’t see myself agreeing to doing any ads here on this blog, at least for the time being. I may change my mind in the future. But right now things are going to stay the same. And if anyone does want to comment about their experiences when it comes to ads on blogs, I’d love to hear all thoughts. I don’t have any experience with these ads and I’m basing my decision not to have ads on pure instinct, with regard to what I like or don’t like when I’m reading other blogs.