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Ryan Field Books In Print; Michael Lucas Urine/Fecal Allegations; Gus Kenworthy’s 8 Things Straight Friends Shouldn’t Say

Ryan Field Books In Print

Up until five years ago everything I had published was available in print. But since then a lot of the focus has been on e-books. Over the last five years or so I’ve received more than a few e-mails about whether my books are in print or digital. I know that many of the Ravenous Romance e-books were/are available in print, and many are for sale again as used books on e-bay and Amazon. My most recent release with Riverdale Ave Books, Fangsters 2, is definitely available in both print and digital as a new release. It’s mainly all of my indie published books that have only been released only as e-books.

So I’ve decided to start releasing all of my indie books in both digital and print. They will be either e-books or paperbacks. They will contain the same content and nothing will change. Only now readers can choose between print and digital.

The first two books that I’ll release will be A Christmas Carl and Meadows Are Not Forever.

But there’s no set pattern and I think the next books in print will be those from the Chase of a Lifetime series.

When I started to indie publish I honestly didn’t expect to do this, but I keep hearing from readers…mostly on Twitter of all places…about how they still prefer print books and I’m starting to think just by this information there’s a line divided right down the middle between people who read print and people who only read e-books. I only read e-books now and I don’t like it when I see that a book hasn’t been released in digital, so I would be remiss if I did that same thing with my own books in print. But the truth is I honestly don’t know what to expect and of course all books will still be available as e-books as well. I still believe that as we move toward the future e-books will eventually take over the market.

So they’ll all be coming out as both as e-books and paperbacks in the next year. I’ll post them as I get them and share as much as I can on social media. The paperbacks won’t be priced over $12.99, but they won’t be as inexpensive as e-books either. It costs to produce a print book and that’s one thing over which I don’t have control. 

Michael Lucas Urine/Fecal Allegations

This is something I’ve never seen before and something I think we could all live without.

Michael Lucas was just slapped with a lawsuit for allegedly leaving bodily fluid stains, enema kits, dildos and other things in a Californai Airbnb rental.

The gay porn mogul denied the allegations, suggesting the bodily fluids may actually belong to the property owner herself, who he claims is a “professional extortionist.”

And Oh, THIS…

The lawsuit also claims that “enema kits were found throughout the house — on the floors, in the beds, in nightstand drawers and in the trash” and that “various sexual devices were found in the beds and in the trash.”

It gets much worse and Lucas is fighting back and he claims the allegations are entirely false. Here’s part of his official statement.

There was absolutely no claim at that time of any problems at the property.
Cleaning staff went through the house to prepare it for the next
rental. Again, absolutely no complaints about the property.

In fact, we have photographs and video that we took on both our
arrival and departure dates showing that we left the property in
pristine condition.  Ms. Knapic’s assistant Dorian even complimented
me on how clean the house was.

You can read it all in full right here. 

Gus Kenworthy’s 8 Things Straight Friends Shouldn’t Say

Gus Kenworthy has released his version of eight things straight friends should never say to gay friends. It’s adorable.

The sentiment is fine enough — basically don’t stereotype or make assumptions about people. But that advice could come in handy in a lot more scenarios than not making gay people uncomfortable.

But according to the video (and we’re glad to see Gus give a little push-back), questions like “how did you come out?” are off limits. So don’t ask your gay friend how he came out, or else?

You can watch this on video here. The article kind of slams Kenworthy for this one but I tend to agree with him. I think there are certain limits and I’d prefer people/friends to be a little more cautious with certain questions. I hate to feel as if they’re thinking of me as a lab rat.

But, you get to see Gus Kenworthy on video. There’s that.

Fangsters: Book 2

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