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A Short and Sweet Post About Blogging and Promoting a Book

This post is simple. It just happened to me and I want to get it down before I forget about it.

And, of all places, it happened to me on a literary agent blog.

The agent in question was promoting a client book and the book looked more than interesting. I never would have known about it if I hadn’t seen it on the agent’s blog.

But there weren’t any links in the agent’s blog post. So I had to trek over to Amazon myself and do a search to find out more information.

I know. Big deal. It took me all of twenty seconds to do this. But that’s because I had twenty seconds to spare tonight. If this had been a Monday morning, I wouldn’t have bothered and the author would have lost a sale.

Don’t be shy about adding links to blog posts when promoting books. You’re not being pushy and you’re not going to offend anyone. What you’re doing is making it easier for the reader to find the book you’re trying to promote, read about it, and then buy it.