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Hump Day Adam Lambert; Justin Bieber Strips; Drag Queens Revolt Facebook; Teen and Jesus Oral Sex; Too Hard to Handle by Ryan Field

Hump Day Adam Lambert

I know how fond most of my readers are of Adam Lambert, and he doesn’t make the gay news often. I check it out daily and I rarely see anything about him. So when I do see something I usually post about it. I’m a fan, too. In this case there’s a photo shoot about the end of his recent tour.

The tour finished last week in New Zealand, but fans who experienced it will have a lifetime of memories. To wrap up this Summer To Remember, let’s take a pictorial look at some highlights!

You can read the rest here, along with some very nice photos, indeed.

Justin Bieber Strips

I know a lot of you aren’t as fond of Justin Bieber as you are of Lambert. But I love him. I think he’s not only adorable, but highly misunderstood. In this next link you can see Bieber strip down on TV. He seems like a good sport.

Sure, he’s an obnoxious punk, but you’ve got to give it up to him, he looks good in his underwear. Who can we thank for this bit of Bieber beefcake? Apparently Justin’s grandmother. Thanks Gran!

There’s more here, with adorable photos. Yes, I’m bias. Be nice. They say he’s really very sweet when you get to know him. And let’s face it. He’s under a lot of pressure for someone so young.

Drag Queens Revolt Facebook

Last week I posted about how drag queens are allegedly being targeted on facebook for not using their real names. When I shared this on social media someone commented and said it’s happening to everyone. I didn’t know that, at least not in my social media circles. Almost all the authors I know are using pen names…and rightly so…if you choose to use a pen name. Sometimes I’m sorry I didn’t back when I made the choice to use my own name.

In any event, after a threat to picket the Seattle office for FB, FB has finally responded to the allegations.

A Facebook spokesman told GSN: ‘If people want to use an alternative name on Facebook, they have several different options available to them, including providing an alias under their name on their profile, or creating a page specifically for that alternative persona.

 ‘As part of our overall standards, we ask that people who use Facebook provide their real name on their profile.’

Facebook believes using real names improves trust and accountability and makes it easier to hold those who share malicious or offensive content to account.

Oh, FB always has a response. While I agree with the basic premise of what FB is saying, and my local friends and family know me on FB with my own identity, I also believe in creative license and to take away the ability for drag queens…or even authors…to post under creative names would be a shame. I know doctors and attorney’s who also post under fictitious names for the sake of privacy. Millions do. And in a world where privacy has become mandatory for us all, I think it would be highly disingenuous for any social media to expect everyone to use a real identity.

In any event, this is what the drag queens believe:

She says: ‘Although our names might not be our “legal” birth names, they are still an integral part of our identities, both personally and to our communities.

 ‘[Stage names] help protect their privacy and anonymity, with good reason. Victims of abuse, trans people, queer people who are not able to be safely “out,” and performers alike need to be able to socialize, connect, and build communities on social media safely.

 ‘By forcing us to use our “real” names, it opens the door to harassment, abuse, and violence.’

What I don’t understand is why can’t facebook require everyone to sign up with real legal identities that can be kept hidden, just so facebook, the company, knows who is who and what is going on? In return, even if someone signs up with a real identity they can still post in public with a fictitious name. And only FB will know who that person is, in case anything malicious or offensive happens. Wouldn’t that make more sense? Other places do this and it seems to work. The most interesting thing is that when you sign up for something with your real identity, even if you are posting with a fake persona, you still know you can’t get away with anything because the company knows who you are.

You can read more here.

Teen and Jesus Oral Sex

This is really a little odd. There’s this teenager in Pennsylvania who thought it would be amusing to simulate having oral sex with a statue of Jesus. The accused is only 14 years old, but the commonwealth is enforcing what’s being called an old blasphemy law which could land the kid a permanent record and prison time.

Some activists are outraged:

‘This is a blasphemy law, pure and simple, and it is in clear violation of the Establishment Clause of the United States Constitution,’ said Truth Wins Out Executive Director Wayne Besen.

‘If the kid had destroyed or damaged the statue, he would clearly deserve to face consequences. But taking a picture that offends somebody’s religious sensibilities? This is not Russia or Iran; this is the United States, where we’re supposed to value freedom of speech. Pennsylvania should be ashamed of itself for so clearly violating this kid’s constitutional rights.’

There’s a photo of the actual incident here, where you can read more. I think a plausible argument for this would be what if the kid had tried to simulate oral sex with a statue of George Washington, or any non-religious figure. Would he be facing these charges? Would the most staunch supporters of Washington be this offended. I’m sure some would, but not to the extent of ruining a kid’s life.

The only thing I can add to this is that if you think about how viciously the Christian community has treated the LGBTI community over the years by denying them equal rights and the basic freedoms other Americans have, this act of immaturity by a 14 year old pales in comparison.

Cover Preview Too Hard to Handle by Ryan Field

Here’s a cover preview for an upcoming full length m/m romance in the Glendora Hill series, Too Hard to Handle. I always state that the books are all stand alones in the series, which means you don’t have to read them in consecutive order to get each book. Below this cover preview is a list of other books in the series. There are still two yet to be published.  I’ll post more about this one when it’s released.

Other Books in the Glendora Hill Series


I noticed that they gave my book AMERICAN STAR II, a new cover. The transition hasn’t been complete yet and there are still old covers floating around, so I figured I’d put both up here to show the differences. The older one is on the left, and the newer one on the right.
This book is a romance, with a man and a woman, and a very happy ending. But it has a strong LGBT sub-plot, too. And the BT part of LGBT is where the focus lies. It’s also loosely based on the TV show, “American Idol.” All of my characters are fictional, and none are even loosely based on actual “American Idol” contestants. And yet one of the characters is almost identical to Adam Lambert. This was an accident. When I wrote the book, long before last season’s “American Idol” began, I had no idea there would ever be a contestnt like Adam Lambert on “American Idol.”
It’s interesting how these things happen by accident. I know other writers who say the same things happen to them. They write things that eventually come true. I wish I could predict lottery numbers this way.

American Idol? Sometimes You Just Can’t Predict These Things…

When I first thought about writing AMERICAN STAR, I knew I had to handle the storyline with care. It had to mimmick the TV show, “American Idol,” in a broad sense as a reality show, but it also had to take on a life of its own as far as storyline went. I didn’t want any of the characters, minor or main, to resemble any one particular person involved with the TV show. It was tempting, but I didn’t do it.

And then I read this, followed by photos of handsome young Adam Lambert, a new contestant on “American Idol,” posing with a guy. AMERICAN STAR couldn’t possibly be fictionalized any more than it already is. But this season of “American Idol” seems to be following the book. And I personally want to offer my support to Adam. He really is one of the most talented singers ever to hit the American Idol stage. And I’m going to be casting my vote his way as long as he remains a contestant.