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Scott Disick’s No Underwear Day; Colton Haynes on Men and Women; Adam Lambert Earnings In 2015; CDC On Straight Dudes Having Gay Sex With Guys

Scott Disick’s No Underwear Day

It’s Friday. It’s January. Not much is happening.

So when I spotted this article about Scott Disick I decided to share. 

While out and about in Calabasas on Sunday, Scott Disick appeared to have skipped wearing underwear and stepped out in blue sweatpants that showed off his manhood in all its glory (move over, Jon Hamm!). The revealing look left little to the imagination when it comes to Disick’s manhood.

Kourtney Kardashian‘s other half didn’t seem to notice he was giving photogs an eyeful while strolling through a Rite Aid parking lot after picking up a prescription.

There’s an excellent and SFW photo here, and the rest of the article. I wish I could share this one but I don’t own the rights.

I also think I might start going to Rite Aid instead of CVS from now on.

Colton Haynes On Men and Women

Colton Haynes has been making the gay presses in abundance lately and I’m not sure if it’s because he has a great PR firm or…what. As far as I know, because he’s not willing to admit anything about his sexuality openly, he’s not gay. I’m on the fence about that lately. On the one hand I hate having to label everyone and everything, and on the other I don’t like it when younger people slip through the proverbial cracks after every other openly gay person has done all the hard work for them. While it may be what we’re all striving for eventually, right now it’s a little disingenuous. 

But that good time was paused briefly upon discovering the wage gap between men and women. That’ll sober anyone up.
Actually, he still manages to look like he’s having fun while raising awareness for the issue in this Funny or Die clip.
Read the comments. It’s funny because someone else in the comments is wondering if Haynes is paying Queerty for this kind of coverage. I honestly don’t know how all that works…with regard to how these “starlets” get this kind of coverage all of a sudden. But there’s a distinct pattern and you almost always find it in the gay presses…bait.
Adam Lambert Earnings In 2015

I saw this being shared earlier this week on Facebook and the discussion in the comments was interesting. It wasn’t anti-Lambert. Everyone loved him. But they had questions. Some people didn’t believe it and others made the claim that these earnings are just for 2015 and other straight artists have made far more millions than Lambert over the course of time.

Lambert just hit number 1 on the Forbes list of the top earning American Idols in 2015, edging out arguably more famous and higher-selling artists like Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. How did he do it? By exercising those killer pipes on an arena tour as the frontman for Queen, for which he earned the bulk of his $10 million earnings from last year. It’s the first time he’s topped the list andthe most he’s earned in one year.
I love Adam Lambert and I have no idea.  And there are more comments. What I always find unfortunate is that not all gays will support gay artists just in theory alone. In order for these performers to compete with other mainstream supporters they need everything they can get.
CDC On Straight Dudes Having Sex With Guys
According to a new report from the CDC more people in the US are bisexual than ever and there are a lot more straight guys having sex with guys. 
Researchers interviewed more than 9,000 men and women ages 18 to 44 years between 2011 and 2013. Respondents were asked about the types of sexual experiences they’ve had, whether they are attracted to the same or opposite sex and how they label their sexual orientations.
Here’s what they learned: 1.9 percent of men said they were homosexual, which is on par with the CDC’s last survey conducted between 2006-2010. Meanwhile, 2 percent of men said they identified as bisexual, up from 1.2 percent in the last survey.
And this is where it gets really interesting. Because 6.2 percent of men said they had engaged in either oral or anal sex with another guy.
Here’s the rest. To be honest I’m not all that surprised. When I was single I had probably more sex with “straight” guys than I ever did with gay guys. It’s just that now it seems they’re willing to admit it.  
I love this from the comments:

There are no straight men, only those who won’t sleep with you, but will with your friend. Or vice versa.
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