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Passion in Paris Mentions Me in First Chapter

I just heard that a new m/m romance was released that mentions me…and my romance novels…in the first chapter. Huzzah! No one’s ever done that before. And I’m thrilled about it.

The book is PASSION IN PARIS, written by Adam Carpenter. I’ve worked with Adam before in the anothology, How the West was Done, and I had no idea he was going to do this.

This one is definitely going on my own personal TBR list.

Here’s the excerpt:

Matt stole a look over at a focused Colton, who was busy placing earbuds into his ears, toggling now with his black-tinted iPod. Zoning out for the long flight, something Matt too should be considering. He fumbled in his carry-on for his new Kindle, looking over his book selections and thinking—given that his current state was horny, one of Ryan Field’s cleverly titled erotic novels wasn’t the right choice. He tossed the Kindle into the pocket in front of him, stole one more look at Colton’s enticing profile, and then closed his eyes.