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Two Good Books I Read This Week: Soul Catcher & Ad-Dick-tion

I’m usually up until one or two in the morning reading. I’ve always been the type who only needs four or five hours of sleep each night and I like to take advantage of the peace and quiet, not to mention the extra time, to read for enjoyment.

And I read two good books this week that I’d been saving for a while. I’ve been reading this long Julia Child bio and I needed a break from non-fiction.

Soul Catcher, by Vivi Dumas and Ad-Dick-tion, which is an anthology with a few authors I didn’t know, and one I did, Rebecca Leigh.

I left a few ratings and short reviews on for both books. I don’t like giving out full reviews here on the blog because I don’t want this to become a review site. But when I do read something I like, I’ll pass it on.

And both of these books were well written, and nicely executed.

Now it’s back to my HUGE Julia Child biography I’ve been trucking through. To be honest, Julia’s early life wasn’t exactly a roller coaster ride. But this book, once again, is worth reading if you’re a Julia Child fan.