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Jon Hamm’s Huge Penis Girth, Again; Three Insights On Coming Out Later In Life; Activist Dick Wagner Writes Gay History Book

Jon Hamm’s Huge Penis Girth, Again

Well, here’s another serious news item from a gay press you don’t want to miss. And it’s so poorly written (“lips incessantly flapping”) I’ve explained it below.

Evidently, there was a photo of Jon Hamm taken while he was walking down the street and the outline of his penis was showing through his pants. At the time, Hamm didn’t know he was being photographed and he wasn’t showing off on purpose. And Hamm reacted in a way that I think most people would react. 

“It was a topic of fascination for other people, certainly not me,” he fascinatingly tells GQ Australia, our favorite magazine.

“By the way, as rumors go, not the worst.”

His mood about the whole non-scandal has lightened considerably sincethe halcyon days of 2013 when paparazzi snapped a photo of Hamm taking a leisurely stroll with then-girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt and, apparently, no underwear.

You can read the rest here. I can understand why he’d be annoyed.

Three Insights On Coming Out Later In Life

I know I’m always saying this, but I’m going to do it again. Although a lot has changed, it’s still not easy for people to come out as gay. And there are plenty of people out there who are in that position right now.

I correspond regularly with one reader who is constantly questioning the double life he’s living. I know guys who’ve been together 15 years and claim they are just “best friends.” I also knew a gay couple who spent over 50 years together and always referred to each other as father and son…literally. In any event, the point I’m trying to make is that it’s not easy for anyone to come out, ever, and especially not easy later in life.

Andrea Hewitt came out four years ago, at the age of 45, after two marriages to men and two children. Hewitt was inspired to help other women coming out later in life, started a blog, “A Late Life Lesbian Story,” and a Facebook support group with more than 300 women.

Why did it take her so long to realize her sexuality? “It was a combination of the time when I was born and raised and [the] message I got as a child that [homosexuality] was not acceptable, even though my family was fairly progressive,” Hewitt said. She added: “There’s this internalized homophobia you get from the culture — that being gay is hard.”

It’s a very good article, and you can read the rest here. 

Activist Dick Wagner Writes Gay History Book

I know I’ve posted about how difficult it is to find anything pre-Stonewall with regard to gay history, so maybe this will make a huge difference.

He’s not done. He’s currently writing a book on the gay history of Wisconsin, covering the 1890s to 1980s. With 18 chapters down and about two chapters to go, he’s planning to complete his manuscript this winter. He hopes to finish his 10-year project in time for the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in New York City. The riots were a response to a police raid of a gay bar and kickstarted the fight for LGBT rights.

You can check this out here. It’s actually an interview with Dick Wagner. Some of his answers are fascinating.