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Ariz. Senator Should Act Gay; Gay Book Banned: Two Boys Kissing; Male Figurative Art

Ariz. Senator Should Act Gay

At a glance this should be more shocking than it is because there are gay stereotypes that just don’t seem to die. One of which has to do with gay men “acting” gay…as if there’s a template and rules to follow. I once had a publisher tell me that he/she wanted books that are more gay and I knew what he/she meant. I didn’t do it. In this particular case, Sen. Steve Gallardo, was told behind closed doors by a female colleague that not only should he be more gay but also questioned his integrity because he wasn’t more gay.

“She said that I should be more gay and she questioned my integrity,” Gallardo told the Capitol Times Tuesday. “She said she was glad I came out [of the closet], but that I should be more gay. I’m more offended that she questioned my integrity.”
The Capitol Times spoke with Cajero Bedford, who dismissed her instructions to “act more gay” as an attempt at humor. Her questioning Gallardo’s integrity was about his intention to maintain his role as minority whip while also running for a soon-to-be-vacated seat to represent Arizona’s Seventh Congressional District in Washington, D.C. 
But she did admit that she perceived Gallardo’s recent coming-out as a matter of honesty. “Why was he hiding it?” she asked. “It wouldn’t have made any difference.”
She’s an idiot. What else can you say about something like that?
Gay Book Banned: Two Boys Kissing
A disgruntled parent in Virginia is up in arms about a YA novel titled, Two Boys Kissing, and he/she wants it banned from the school library.
According to the Fauquier Times, the district received an appeal to pull David Levithan’s book after a committee at Fauquier High School opted to keep the book on shelves. Frustrated by the high school committee’s decision, the parent appealed it to the district, whose procedure dictates will organize its own committee and hearing on the subject, hosted by the associate superintendent.
The book’s theme revolves around two teenage ex-boyfriends kissing for a long time in order to break a world kissing record. I think all this is interesting because gay teens are finally getting to experience a somewhat normal youth and puberty for once. In the past, puberty in a romantic sense was something most gay men experienced in their early twenties…or much later. Many never did. They weren’t allowed to do this.
Male Figurative Art
This isn’t something I’m in love with, but for anyone interested in this type of art I’m linking to images of male nudes on beaches and horses. I learned during the years I owned my own art gallery that art is like everything else: you either love it or not. It’s subjective and if you’re not emotionally drawn to a piece you never will be.