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New Release: TOUCHDOWNS…With My Lost Chapter From Virgin Billionaire Series

Check out my short story in this book, ABSENCE OF SHAME, which is a lost chapter from The Virgin Billionaire’s Secret Baby, with Cory the handy man as the main character this time. It’s also a book edited by Lori Perkins, who always does an excellent job balancing her time between working as an editor/publisher, and a high profile literary agent. I’ve only worked with Lori as an editor, not an agent. And it’s always been a fair, pleasant, professional experience for me.

Cory was such an interesting character in The Virgin Billionaire’s Secret Baby, I wanted to give him some life of his own. And when I heard about TOUCHDOWNS, I decided to write a short story that was a continuation of the Virgin Billionaire book.

It’s like a lost chapter, without actually being billed as a lost chapter. And as a short story, it stands alone without the help of the Virgin Billionaire book. I don’t do this sort of thing often. But I have to admit I enjoyed doing it more than I thought I would.