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New Ab Fab Trailer; Gus Kenworthy’s Mustache; Ryan Reynolds Interviews Hugh Jackman; Update on Rancho Mirage Book by Ryan Field

New Ab Fab Trailer

I think a lot of people have been looking forward to the new Ab Fab movie. For many reasons, two of which include 90’s nostalgia and the sharp comedy. A lot of people who were very young in the 90’s feel the same way about TV shows like Friends. (I know I do.) I think pop culture like this helps define an era. And there aren’t that many from which to choose.

It’s finally here, sweetie darling. We mean the first teaser for the loooong-awaited film version of Absolutely Fabulous. It looks to be a very glamorous affair with our favorite party girls Edina and Patsy romping around the French Riviera with two dashing young male companions. They walk along the beach, flit around in a motorboat, and clink glasses over an al fresco lunch. It resembles a very high-end fragrance ad. And you just know it’s all going to go horribly awry any minute.

Here’s a link to the video.  

Gus Kenworthy’s Mustache

You know, I could complain about politics and rant about publishing on a Friday, but I’d rather talk about Gus Kenworthy right now. I don’t know about anyone else but I get so tired of these people who have to overthink and over analyze everything on the planet. From books, to fiction genres, to long Facebook statuses updates you’re sorry you clicked, these people get on my freaking nerves. Sometimes you just want to grab them and say have some wine and lighten up, for the love of God.

In any event…

In a recent shoot for Frontiers Media that’s giving us classic ’60s meets Miami penthouse pool party, skier Gus Kenworthy shows off his new whiskers and perfectly fuzzy legs.
And the boy can certainly fill out a suit.

These shots are really good, with an artistic flair you don’t see all the time. You can check them all out here. 

Ryan Reynolds Interviews Hugh Jackman

I saw a this video with Ryan Reynolds interviewing Hugh Jackman earlier this week and I lost the link. Well, I found it again and I’m sharing it now. I found it interesting because I never had a chance to see Reynolds in action…as he is in RL.

We’ve been fans of Ryan Reynolds and his body of work for years, so we’re happy to take him wherever we can get him – which in this case is a press junket for another movie star.

Hugh Jackman is hot on the promo trail for his new flick Eddie The Eagle and sat down for an impromptu interview with the Deadpool star, who played the same role opposite him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

You can see that one here. 

Update on Rancho Mirage Book by Ryan Field

I realize it’s been taking longer than usual getting the next book in the Rainbow Detective Agency out, but it’s been really busy around here and I had a slight cover issue. An author friend, G. A. Hauser, used the same stock model that I chose…unknowingly…for Rancho Mirage and she was kind enough to let me know before the book was launched. It’s happened before, too. There are only so many stock models out there and creating covers…even for publishers…is getting more challenging. I now understand why small publishers and authors invest in their own photo shoots.

In any event, Rancho Mirage will be launched very soon and I’ll post updates as it comes out. This will be the 8th book in the series. And it might be the last book in the series, too. I never end a series permanently, however, there does come a point where it’s time to move on, especially when you’re writing erotic romance. As they say, “I’d rather leave while I’m in love…”

Here’s a link where you can check out the other Rainbow Detective Books on Amazon.