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Walk On Water Male Full Frontal Nudity; Aaron Schock’s Problems; Male Bar Patron Rape; Cucumber and Banana Gay TV Shows

Walk On Water Male Full Frontal Nudity

Last night by accident while surfing through one dismal channel after the other, I found a ten year old film on Showtime titled, Walk On Water. The blurb was interesting because it mentioned a homophobic character, so I watched and was not disappointed at all.

The film revolves around an Israeli hit man who is straight and as hot as a man can get. He’s hired to locate an old Nazi war criminal and he does that by befriending the war criminal’s two grandchildren. One is a cute gay guy. You can read the rest of the plot here. As I said, it’s a fascinating film for many reasons and the gay angle is just an angle. It’s not a “gay” film that self-exploits gay people with a strong political LGBT agenda.

However, there was one excellent scene with male full frontal nudity. It’s a beach scene between the hot straight guy and the cute gay guy. And, they are discussing circumcision. No spoilers.

Once again, a foreign film that’s not afraid to do male full frontal, and actors who aren’t afraid to to it either. And US film makers continue to focus only on female full frontal nudity.

Aaron Schock’s Problems

I follow this guy, Aaron Schock, because for the life of me I can’t understand why the all so sensitive and politically correct gay presses seem to want to bully him so often. And that’s what it looks like to me. Bullying. You rarely see anything about Schock in the mainstream presses. I honestly don’t get it. I get what he allegedly did, but I don’t get the gay press obsession with Schock. Any number of politicians have done any number of questionable things and none of them have received coverage like this before.

In any event, since Schock left office, he’s allegedly facing a few more issues…at least according to this article.

4. He was spending like crazy right up until the end. The same campaign report shows that Schock was dropping big bucks for luxury items almost to the end of his tenure. On the principle that he was entitled to the finest that his donors could buy, Schock spent $4,000 at a luxury hotel in Europe, more than $3,000 for gifts at Tiffany’s and more than $42,000 in travel expenses.

I think I remember something about the White House secret service hiring whores…more than once. I saw nothing about that in the gay presses. Hillary Clinton’s questionable e-mails (and they are at the very least questionable) were pushed to the last page of the gay presses, if mentioned at all. And this is all such huge news about Aaron Schock?  Because he shopped at Tiffany’s?

I just don’t get it. There’s a lot more here.

The comments are probably the most vituperative and uncivil I’ve seen in a while. I’m openly gay and I’ve been out most of my life. However, I don’t really think it’s anyone’s fucking business who comes out and when they do it. And I say that with a great big smile to anyone who might not agree with me. 

Male Bar Patron Rape

A 25 year old straight guy went out with friends to a London pub, the poor guy passed out after drinking too much, and allegedly woke up with his pants around his ankles and the owner of the bar on top of him. From the photo, the owner isn’t anyone you’d want on top of you.

Coyne immediately fled the scene. Meanwhile, the victim called police, who seized security camera footage from the venue that corroborated the victim’s story.

Despite this damning evidence against him, Coyne still denied the charges. He was found guilty by a jury yesterday.

Following the verdict, Detective Constable Neil Hume, the officer in the case, told the media: “Coyne abused his position as a landlord of a pub to take advantage of an unconscious customer and showed no remorse. I would applaud the victim’s bravery attending court and hope that the sentence sends out a clear message.”
Most of the comments show not only idiocy, but that most don’t know much about rape culture. 
Cucumber and Banana Gay TV Shows
I didn’t even know these two new gay TV shows were on. The fact that they follow Ru Paul’s Drag Race doesn’t help because I’ve never watched Ru Paul or her drag race.
Cucumber and Banana are two new series from Queer as Folk creator Russell T. Davies that premiered Monday on Logo following RuPaul‘s Drag Race. The shows take a hard (and often hilarious) look at the modern gay experience, often focusing the spotlight on the fumbling, awkward moments spent navigating the great gay universe.
I’ll set the DVR now and make a point of watching them. I loved Queer as Folk, so maybe these two shows will be as good. And let’s face it, with all due respect to the genre, Ru Paul’s not that tough an act to follow. Sorry. I had to slip that one in. No offense to those who love her. That’s just my way of showing rather than telling. I’m a gay guy, too. I get the right to be subjective sometimes just like everyone else. 🙂