Some Praise For Prince Harry Of Wales

I know I shouldn’t be posting superficial photos of the Prince, especially in these times of global intrigue. I should be posting something about Bin Laden. Or something about Shirley Maclaine’s new e-book I’m reading, “I’m Over All That.”

I know everyone’s probably tired of reading about the royal wedding by now…not to mention talking about certain hats I refuse to mention again on the blog.

At the very least, I should be posting something about publishing and books.

But I thought this photo was worth sharing. Oddly enough, I’m a bigger fan of natural photos like this one than I am of outright nude photos or porn. I like it when the photo leaves something to the imagination. And I don’t think this photo would embarrass the Prince at all.

I also think Prince Harry deserves some undivided attention for a change. I don’t know if the photo is real or photoshopped. Looks real to me, and since I’ll never actually meet his royal highness in person, it’s going to have to suffice.

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