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A Typical Monday Morning…

Instead of posting what I had planned to post this morning, I decided to hold off and post about what a typical Monday morning is like in my office.

I get a manuscript back from the copy editor and that’s usually no big thing. I hate to change copyedits…ever…and the main reason I go through the manuscript is to make sure I’ve addressed all comments the copy editor has made…if there are comments. Sometimes there aren’t. Again, most of the time we agree on everything and there are rarely ever changes. But you never know. So each line must be read with absolute care so I know everything is just right before the book goes to publication.

But it’s not always that simple. This morning the file switched mid-stream. Don’t ask me how or why. One minute I was addressing a comment, the next the file switched to something completely different. So I’ll have to wait for a reply from the publisher to see what to do about this. It’s happened before. And I do not know how or why.

Then two friends call. Good friends, but they don’t seem to understand the concept of people working at home.

The next e-mail is from another publisher regarding a story that’s coming out at the end of the week. They want me to contact a journalist in Europe so we can set up an interview.

After that, it’s on to the next book I’m working on, which is another Virgin Billionaire book. And this means it’s time to switch gears and go into writer mode, which thankfully, for me, isn’t a problem.

And all those good intentions I had for social networks will have to wait until there’s more time. In case you’re wondering, it only took ten minutes to write this post.