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A TV Show Written by, Produced by, AND Starring A Gay Man; Non-binary People Recognized In These Places; Are These Celebrities Gay or Straight?

A TV Show Written by, Produced by, AND Starring A Gay Man

Well this is definitely a novelty. And I’m not joking about that. After watching a countless number of TV shows, films, and even books with gay content coming from a heteronormative POV all my life, this should really be interesting.

Jim Parsons has landed a deal with Netflix to produce a series titled, Special.

Special, is loosely based on writer Ryan O’Connell’s memoir I’m Special: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves, in which the author discusses growing up as a Millennial gay man with cerebral palsy, navigating internships, dating, and coming out.

Here’s the link to more. They go into more detail about the project, and about Jim Parsons. 

Non-binary People Recognized In These Places

Here are the states and cities that officially recognize non-binary people.

California, New York City, Washington D.C., Maine, Washington, Oregon, Arkansas, New Jersey. 

New Jersey is the most recent state to offer gender neutral birth certificates. And, trans people will be able to change their gender without having to go through gender confirmation surgery.  

There are more details, here. 

Are These Celebrities Gay or Straight?

The only reason I’m linking to this is because there are over 31 comments. While I obviously don’t believe there should be any shame associated with being gay, I do believe that every gay person should come out on his or her own terms. But, in all fairness, they don’t speculate here either.  

With that said, this article examines a ‘handful’ of celebrities who may or may not be gay. Here’s an excerpt about John Travolta.

No, John Travolta has never publicly come out as gay, though gay rumors and accusations have long followed the American actor.

You can read the whole thing, here. The only thing that always bothers me is when non-gay celebrities who play gay face for money claim ‘it should not be relevant.’ Well, yes, it is relevant.  It’s relevant to the millions of us who are gay, and who continue to get slapped in the face almost daily. 

However, the comments are a combination of entertaining, and in some cases, brilliant.

Reader Review: This story will stay with you and you will feel you know every character and the beauty of their home in the mountains of North Carolina. A sequel is in order and a film as well. Bravo Field

Altered Parts by [Field, Ryan]
Have you ever wondered what it might have been like for two young men who fell in love in 1940? Well that’s exactly what happened to young Joe Buddy Barnes and a cowboy drifter named Clay Totten.

Even though he’s great at running his family’s general store and fixing machines, Joe Buddy can’t seem to figure out how to fix his own life. The fact that he lives way up on remote Buddy’s Mountain in Western North Carolina, with two spinster aunts, doesn’t help his situation either. Although his aunts devoted their lives to him, one aunt never got over a long lost love and the other was born a man who always identified as a woman.

Then one hot summer afternoon in 1940 everything changes. While Joe Buddy is swimming in the creek he accidentally meets a tall, dark cowboy from Wyoming named Clay. He’s a drifter who is only passing through North Carolina on his way to Florida, where he plans to enlist in the military.

There’s an instant connection, and Joe Buddy winds up bringing Clay home for supper that night because he feels sorry for him. However, Joe Buddy suspects there’s more to Clay’s story than he’s telling, and he persuades Clay to stick around long enough to find out. As each event unfolds, these two young men move forward in ways that neither one of them ever expected. And as World War II lurks in the not so far off distance, there are some interesting changes coming to Buddy’s Mountain you won’t want to miss.