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Civil Unions Now Legal in Delaware

For those who haven’t been following this, same sex civil unions are now legal in Delaware. The first one took place this weekend. I know Delaware well because I grew up about ten minutes away from Wilmington, DE, in Salem County, NJ. For those who’ve read A YOUNG WIDOW’S PROMISE and THE BACHELOR, you’ve seen that I’ve set both books in the Salem County, NJ/Wilmington, DE area.

And when I when I was growing up there, the topic of same sex civil unions wasn’t even something we discussed in private, let alone in public. And just like legalizing same sex marriage in New York, this is one step closer to getting it recognized on a federal level, where we need it the most.

1st civil unions take place in Delaware
By KASEY JONES, Associated Press – 30 minutes ago
More than 400 people, including a U.S. senator, witnessed the first same-sex civil union in Delaware on New Year’s Day.

Lawyers Lisa Goodman and Drewry Fennell were joined in the union by the Rev. Patricia Downing, rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Wilmington, where the Sunday afternoon ceremony took place.

Goodman and Fennell have been partners for 14 years. Goodman is a lawyer who led the advocacy group Equality Delaware’s fight for the civil union law. Fennell heads the state Criminal Justice Council and formerly led the ACLU’s Delaware chapter.

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