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Gay Male Couples Ballroom Dancing; A Guy, A Rubber Exercise Ball, and A Dildo; A TV Show Where You Meet Your Troll

Gay Male Couples Ballroom Dancing

I get into this topic a lot in my next book, Said With Care. And I think that’s because it’s still such a taboo for so many to see two men dancing together…especially ballroom dancing. Even the TV show DWTS can’t seem to get it right.

Well this gay couple doesn’t seem to care, and they’re good. It’s almost exactly what I pictured my characters doing.

How better to enter the married chapter of your life than by kicking off your shoes and doing a not-so-impromptu dance-off set to the tune of Emeli Sande’s “Next To Me”? That’s how grooms Sean and Spencer did it at their wedding last fall. Video of the dance was posted online in October. It quickly went viral, receiving over 70,000 hits.

Here’s the rest.  It’s also still a taboo to see two straight men dancing together. Women can do it without thinking twice, but men are a different story.

A Guy, A Rubber Exercise Ball, and A Dildo

They are claiming this will knock your socks off. I doubt that, but it’s not totally uninteresting either.

The 60-second clip is actually a “Best of” compilation video from the web series #DickinAround, in which a guy named Brian from Center City, PA goes around tossing a giant dildo against a variety of surfaces–police cars, windows, benches, buses, you name it. Sometimes he uses a shopping cart and/or an exercise ball to help catapult the dildo into the air.

More here. I’m sure it’s all in the spirit of good fun.  The comments aren’t bad either.

A TV Show Where You Meet Your Troll

I think almost everyone on the planet knows that online trolls can become an issue. A friend of mine was just telling me about how a guy she blocked a long time ago is still keeping track of her and still commenting about her. And she’s done nothing to provoke him. I’ve experienced trolls more than once. So this new TV show about meeting trolls could be interesting.

Online trolls derive their power from anonymity, click-clacking away behind the cozy veneer of screen names like MaJeSticTurTle27 or MAGA4MAGA. So what would happen if they were suddenly exposed to the world? Can you imagine?!

Well MTV can, and did imagine. Now they’re announcing a new Catfish spinoff called Catfish: Trolls, to be hosted by LGBT activist Raymond Braun and Charlamagne Tha God, who we understand to be a human man. 

Yeah, this should be good. I don’t think it will catch on like Catfish, but I’m sure there’s an audience.

Here’s the rest. The problem I’ve seen with the whole troll concept is that some people will call someone a troll just for telling the truth. The definition of troll tends to vary. If someone even slightly disagrees with some people they call them a troll. I once saw a very delicate gay male, m/m romance author, go berserk over someone who had commented honestly on his blog post. I didn’t think it was a troll comment. But this m/m romance author called in all his back up via a facebook status, and they attacked that so-called “troll” in the most hateful ways I have ever seen. And all this so-called “Troll” was doing was telling the truth. It wasn’t the most happy truth…but it was the truth. I stay out of it all.

A good example would be if I said the headline to this article I’m linking to right now is lame, lacks intelligence, and looks as if an amateur wrote it, I could be called a troll for saying that. Even though I concentrated in Journalism in college as an English major, and I spent two semesters learning how to write tight, condensed headlines, some amateur would call me a troll for just being honest. Of course I’m only speaking hypothetically.

So it should be interesting to see how they handle this, and how they define a troll. I’m also wondering about the anonymity part. Are they going to be doxxing people, too?  I really hope not.

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