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KDP New Releases; Cullinan on M/M; Helen Thomas RIP

KDP New Releases

Here are the latest KDP releases I’ve had to indie pub with Ryan Field Press since shuttered it’s web site. It’s an arduous process at best, but well worth it because now these select backlisted books (about 30 when I’m finished) are now priced at .99 each. Until I decide whether or not I’m doing more distribution, that’s how they will remain for at least three months.

A Regular Bud link

Captain Velvet’s Velvet Box  link

I’ve noticed something interesting. Some of the previous reviews are showing up, others aren’t. I honestly don’t know what to make of this, however, I will check into it and see what they say.

Cullinan on M/M

M/M Romance author, Heidi Cullinan, wrote a long blog post this week addressing an issue that’s obviously something about which she feels strongly. When M/M book review web site, reviewsbyjessewave, wrote a post about the way some authors write hetero sex scenes in M/M books, claiming that on-page hetero sex is disrespectful to M/M readers, Cullinan posted her feelings, here. This is just one of the issues she addressed.

Blogs and review sites which review primarily “het romance” do review romances with gay male (and lesbian and bisexual and transgender) romantic leads. I suppose these sites do review erotic romances as well, but it’s absolutely not their focus. Pretty much anywhere that’s a serious, big-time review site? They’re reviewing all flavors of the orientation rainbow.

This was Cullinan’s response to a comment on the jessewave post about the way many hetero romance review web sites allegedly don’t review books that contain explicit gay sex scenes. The post by jessewave was taken down, so I hesitate to add any direct quotes here from the jessewave post out of respect to the blogger, and respect to the blogger’s content. But you can read excerpts from the jessewave post at Cullinan’s post to which I’ve linked, above, with a link to a screen shot of the original jessewave post.

I personally have no comment on this issue. I’m just passing this info along as an objective blogger for those who might be interested in it. I stick mostly to gay sex scenes in gay romances because I think that’s what my readers want. But I’ve occasionally written hetero sex scenes in gay romance books when I thought the scenes needed them, and I have a new indie anthology coming out titled, The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance, where it’s all about the *fantasy* of a straight woman joining the gay characters in the stories. Although these scenes are more bi-sexual than hetero sexual, there are women involved in some of the sex scenes because that was part of the fantasy and the overall theme of the book. And I wanted to give the authors who contributed to the anthology full creative license to do what they wanted to do. Nothing was censored, and I was personally amazed at how well each author worked a female character into a gay storyline. These women blew me away they were so good.

In any event, Cullinan’s post is an interesting piece to read for a variety of reasons, and you’ll see a few familiar faces in the comment thread.

Helen Thomas RIP

After a long illness, journalist, Helen Thomas, has passed away at age 92. Up until a few years ago, Thomas was a staple in Washington, and many used to look for her at WH press conferences. I always enjoyed her blunt questions, and how she never seemed intimidated by anyone, not even the Presidents she questioned during the span of her very long career. There were many times she was the highlight of those dull press conferences.

She was a fixture at White House news conferences — sitting front and center late in her career — where she frequently exasperated government spokesmen with her pointed questions.

Thomas began covering the White House for United Press International when John F. Kennedy became president in 1961 and was a fixture there until her retirement in 2010.

She was a trailblazer and the considered the dean of the White House press corps because she was the longest-serving White House journalist.

You can read more here, where they go into a little detail about the controversy that initiated her retirement a few years ago.

When Small E-publishers Fold Up; Queen Approves Gay Marriage; Jonathan Franzen Sighting

Queen Approves Gay Marriage

Now that Queen Elizabeth II has officially approved it, gay marriage is now legal in Britain. I’m not sure how British law works, but evidently things like this need royal stamp of approval in order to be official. And since I’ve always had absolute respect for Queen II, I couldn’t be more thrilled about this for all LGBT people in the UK.

House of Commons Speaker John Bercow told lawmakers that the royal assent had been given Wednesday – the day after the bill to legalize same-sex marriage in England and Wales cleared Parliament.

The queen’s approval was a formality. It clears the way for the first gay marriages next summer.

Jonathan Franzen Sighting

You have to be a huge fan of Jonathan Franzen to appreciate the humor in this, and because I am a huge fan that’s why I’m posting about it. I don’t always read novels like Franzen’s for pure enjoyment. Sometimes I read them because I want to study the way in which they were written. In other words, if you’ve never shopped at Tiffany’s, don’t try to open up an exclusive high end jewelry store of your own.

Over lunch in one of the University of California Santa Cruz’s dining halls last Wednesday, the topic of Jonathan Franzen was broached and my friend Leigh and I began a passionate defense of the man’s essay “Farther Away” in the face of an imagined host of detractors. We cited the honesty of the piece; we beat our breasts and stomped the table groaning at its misinterpretation; we rained scorn down upon the man’s declaimers (absent) and supporters (also absent) alike. We wept, bemoaning the poverty of our culture’s literary curiosity, so obsessed with Jonathan Franzen, our horizon and circumference.

That same afternoon, this blogger spotted Franzen in person, on campus, trying to check out a film. After doing a little research (which could be misinterpreted as stalking in a friendly way) the blogger found out Franzen does, indeed, keep a small place in Santa Cruz and has an office at UCSC. It’s a humorous piece, and it made me smile.

You can read more here.

When Small E-publishers Fold Up

In the spirit of full disclosure, which I always try to do (but sometimes miss), the following is a list of titles that just went up on Amazon with Ryan Field Press. These are not totally new releases. They are new because I’m releasing them myself as an indie publisher. These are the books and stories that were published by the now defunct e-publisher

I’d lost track over the years, and when I learned that LYD was shuttering its business, with only one month’s notice to authors who had worked with them, I panicked a little because these books were all bringing in small royalties that added up. And some of them were actually new releases. Had I known LYD was closing down I would have stopped submitting my work to them much earlier. But I had no idea, and I found myself in an interesting position: what to do with these books and stories.

After that experience with LYD, I decided not to shop them to other small mom and pop e-presses and to release them alone this time. I prefer working with a publisher, but sometimes you have to make decisions based on experience. Because when this happens with e-books it’s not like what happens with print books. With print books there are still used copies floating around and people are still reading your work…in spite of not making money on used books. And that word of mouth is important to an author and his/her brand. But when an e-publisher goes out of business all your work disappears and you’re finished. Done. All that hard work you put into your work is gone. And I personally don’t want to take those chances anymore now that I can indie publish myself.

One thing I can tell you for certain is that when a small e-publisher goes out of business the author and the reader are always the last ones to know. Small e-presses are interesting that way. It’s not shifty or shady, it’s just that a lot of these small e-presses are not run by business people and the owners don’t think like business people. I’ve seen this happen more than once in the past ten years, and LYD is not the first one who closed down in a way that resembled the old landlord phrase: midnight move.

Here’s a list of the first round of books from LYD I’m releasing this month. I have not changed any titles or covers and I won’t do that because I don’t want readers to buy something they’ve already read. The good news is that I’ve cut prices and most of the books will be .99 for the time being. Right now, because there are so many books to put up, I’m only focusing on Amazon. But they will be distributed in other places in the future.

With This Cowboy I Love So Freely link

Down the Basement link

Vance’s Flame link

Missing Jackson’s Hole link

A Regular Bud: A Story that Still Surprises Me

When I wrote A Regular Bud as a digital short e-book, I never expected it to do what it has been doing ever since it was released.

It’s been on more bestseller lists than I can name, because I don’t usually keep track of these things…nor do I have google alerts set up. It’s been on one web site’s bestseller list since it was released. And now it’s back on the publisher’s bestseller list at number one. When I wrote it, I thought I was writing a little short story that would sell a few copies and I could add it to my list of publishing credits.

It constantly surprises me, mainly because I’m not sure what I did to make it resonate with readers. I’ve had more e-mails from this book than from anything else I’ve written. I’m half tempted to write a sequel, but then I have a feeling the sequel wouldn’t go over as well at the original. I’ve been there before. Sequels don’t always resonate the same way the original did.

You can check it out here at the publisher’s web site. Or it can be found at almost all web sites where digital books are sold.

Thanks For the E-mails…

I just wanted to write a quick thank you post for the e-mails I’ve received about FIELD OF DREAMS. As I’ve stated, I was a little hesitant about doing an anthology like this, because I’m so fond of reading individual short story e-books myself.

But so far I’ve had so many nice e-mails from readers I’m glad we did this book. I’d also like to thank Lori Perkins. She’s been asking me about this for over a year now and I kept putting it off to write novels. It took about a year to get it all together. For some reason I can’t explain, the short story process takes longer for me than writing a full length novel. But I’m glad I finally focuesed on it and got it out there.

I’m also working on something interesting right now. I can’t go into details about it at this point, but it’s something I normally don’t do because it’s very intimidating for me. All I can say right now is that it’s something I wrote six years ago and put on a back shelf. It’s been in the back of my mind all this time and I finally decided to take it out and rewrite it. I’ll post more about this in the future.

And, there’s a new short story coming out titled, ANOTHER REGULAR BUD. This isn’t actually a series with the same characters as A REGULAR BUD. But the theme is the same. A REGULAR BUD has never stopped selling…to my complete surprise…and I figured that if readers like it I might as well write something else with the same theme.

A Regular Bud

This short story e-book, A REGULAR BUD, has surprised me from the beginning. It’s still on a fictionwise bestseller list, as of right now, and has been for the past few weeks.

A Regular Bud [MultiFormat]
eBook by Ryan Field
Regular Club
You Pay: $2.00 $1.70

eBook Category: Erotica/Fetish Erotica
eBook Description: Though handsome, athletic Noah thinks he’s home alone and free to enjoy his private fetish for wearing high heels, his straight roommate’s dominant younger brother walks in unexpectedly and catches him in the act. Noah is a young corporate professional who shares his large, old home with his straight best friend from college, Preston. And though Noah is openly gay, no one knows that Noah has a kinky little gender-bending fetish for wearing high heels. But when his roommate’s sexy, rugged little brother from Montana shows up one morning, while Noah thinks he has the house all to himself, Noah is caught in the act–naked with his back against the sofa and his white stilettos dangling in the air. Instead of running back out the door in shock, the little brother from Montana doesn’t even blink. He drops his duffel bag on the floor and smiles. Then he drops his car keys on the counter and introduces himself to Noah. And when he licks his lips, compliments Noah on his well-defined body and crosses the room to shake Noah’s hand, it’s Noah who is ready to run out the door in shock.

eBook Publisher: loveyoudivine, Published: 2010, 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2010

You Can Never Predict Anything in Publishing

If it sounds like I’m blowing my own horn in this post, I’m not. I’m seriously surprised and I’m writing this post to let other authors know that even though you think you can predict what will happen to your book, you can never really be sure.

A REGULAR BUD was originally a short story published in a small anthology by STARbooks Press. This was a nice little anthology, but I made very little money and the story received limited exposure. And I was fine with this. As a writer, I thought I knew the drill. I’d have my short story published in an anthology, I’d enjoy the fact that someone wanted to publish it in the first place, and then I’d move on to the next project.

So when I decided to re-write A REGULAR BUD and have it published by as a stand alone e-book, I didn’t expect the book to do much. When I submitted it, I told myself I’d be happy if it sold a few copies and paid for its costs with the publisher (I tend to take this aspect of publishing seriously: I like to know the publisher didn’t waste their time with me and with a book that didn’t sell anything.)

And to my ultimate shock, A REGULAR BUD has been on the bestseller list as either number one, two , or three, in the fetish/erotica category since it’s publication as a stand alone e-book with I didn’t even consider the book a fetish story. Though there is a small fetish in the book, it wasn’t the way I’ve been promoting it. To me, this was a nice little romance between a guy in his thirties and a guy in his early twenties who happened to run into each other at a very awkward time. And the fact that it even sold copies, forget about being on a bestseller list, has blown me away. I will say that I loved the new cover for the stand alone version and I was hoping A REGULAR BUD would at the very least be received well enough to get a couple of nice reviews. But I never thought it would be on any bestseller lists.

So if any other authors are reading this, you just can’t predict where a book is going to go and how readers are going to receive it. You might think you know what you’re doing, but there are always surprises out there and you just can’t imagine the outcome.

#1 Fictionwise Bestseller Sub-Genre List: From STARbooks Press to E-book Stand Alone

This stand alone keeps surprising me. When I found out that it was #1 on the fictionwise bestseller list for fetish erotica, I was a little stunned. I’d never thought of it as a fetish book. I always thought of it more as a quirky erotic love story, where two people meet by chance and begin a new relationship. But I guess it could be considered a fetish story, and I’m thrilled people have received it so well.