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A Rainbow Bridge In Leeds; The Gay Globe Trotter; Chris Colfer From Glee’s TV Comeback

A Rainbow Bridge In Leeds
I believe anything like this can only help, not hurt.
The city of Leeds in the UK constructs a rainbow bridge for equality.

Leeds local, Thomas Wales, wanted to highlight the changing, progressive landscape of the city.
Wales told Gay Star News: ‘For me, it is a shining beacon that brightly highlights the fact that the LGBT community don’t have to hide away.

‘We’re part of the fabric of the city.

And I think the umbrella that covers the entire LGBT community is a lot wider than most of us realize.
The Gay Globe Trotter
I’m always fascinated by people who do things like this because I think of the LGBT community as a global community. And this guy is taking some risks.
In any event…
As the Product Manager for adventure holiday experts Exodus – which offers tailor-made group trips as well as trips with a set departure date – Simon has also been to several countries not typically considered ‘gay’ destinations.

These include Armenia, Russia, Cuba and Sri Lanka. And while he knows they won’t be for all LGBTI travelers, he loved them.

You can check this one out here. It’s an in-depth interview.

Chris Colfer From Glee’s TV Comeback

As a hybrid author who has gone rogue many times, I like to see things like this happening.

Chris Colfer is taking it upon himself to craft his own TV comeback.

The out actor and author has teamed with Sonar Entertainment to develop a pilot for the sci-fi drama Indigo that he would write, direct and star in.

‘Very excited for this! Fingers crossed,’ Colfer wrote on Instagram Friday (17 February).

More here. The article goes on to mention a few more of his publishing credits that I didn’t even know existed.

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