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A Possible Gay Utopia; Fidel Castro’s Horrific Record With Gays; Stephen Port Gets Life Term For Killing 4 Gay Men

A Possible Gay Utopia

Now this sounds like a fascinating discussion. It was an event held in LA that examined how LGBT people deal with sexual identity and community.

The workshop created a space for LGBTQ people to come together to reflect on their lives through storytelling, art-making, and play. Through this process, they generated innovative ideas on establishing long-term LGBTQ community values that could impact city planning in L.A., and beyond.

As the icebreaker, the participants were asked to “build your first childhood memory of being different” in 10 minutes by choosing from hundreds of small objects. This prompt helped participants re-create that “aha” moment in their lives that revealed that they were different from the rest of the children or youth around them.

You can read more here.

I think the most interesting part comes toward the end of the article. That’s when they talk about how most communities are designed for straight people. I’ve seen that happen right here in New Hope, PA. At one time, New Hope was an enclave for theater people, artists, writers, and anyone who fell under the umbrella of LGBT. Over the past 20 years it’s evolved into an expensive trendy little tourist town, with subdivisions and excellent schools, all geared toward heteronormative families. There are still a lot of gay people here, however, many older gays have moved to places like Palm Springs, CA or Wilton Manors, FL for obvious reasons. 

I think it’s all relative, especially when you consider the fact that most younger LGBT people are assimilating more as each day passes.

Fidel Castro’s Horrific Record With Gays

Over the past weekend I kept seeing idiot politicians praise Fidel Castro and I kept shaking my head. And I was hoping someone would write an article like this.

Fidel Castro was many things: a revolutionary, a communist, a garrulous orator. Amid the fawning encomia released upon his long-overdue death at the age of 90, it should never be forgotten that he was also an oppressor, torturer, and murderer of gay people. 

“We would never come to believe that a homosexual could embody the conditions and requirements of conduct that would enable us to consider him a true revolutionary, a true communist militant,” Castro told an interviewer in 1965. “A deviation of that nature clashes with the concept we have of what a militant communist should be.”

There’s more here. It goes on to talk about how Castro put gays in concentration camps, how Allen Ginsberg was kicked out of Cuba,  and how Castro quarantined all people with HIV in the 1980s. He was a tyrant. And when people like Jill Stein or Jimmy Carter  praise Castro, I have to wonder WTF is wrong with them. These facts about how Castro treated gays are easy to find with a simple search and you don’t have to take my word for it.  

Stephen Port Gets Life Term For Killing 4 Gay Men

Here’s more about Stephen Port, a UK man who met guys on hook up apps and then did despicable things to them.

The man, Stephen Port, who murdered at least four young men over 15 months and raped many more, was sentenced at the Central Criminal Court in London on Friday to life in prison, in a case that has appalled the country with its grisly details and raised serious questions about the quality of policing.
All of Mr. Port’s victims were gay and in their 20s. They all died from overdoses of the date-rape drug GHB, also known as G or liquid ecstasy.
You can read more here. It goes into a lot more detail about how questionably the police treated the case and how the families reacted.  
Port received a life sentence, which I personally think is too good for him.
Guys, be careful out there, especially with hook up apps. You can’t trust anyone.

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