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Get Well Shout To Ryan Stratton

I found out my blogging buddy, Ryan Stratton, has been in the hospital and I just wanted to give him a get well shout to let him know we’re thinking about him.

Here’s the post that explains more in detail.

Ryan has had a few health issues in the past and I’ve followed them for a long time on his blog. He always pulls through like a trooper and I’m sure he’ll do it again this time. I know he just had knee surgery recently and I’m hoping his problems aren’t related to that. I’m sure his partner, Kadin, will keep us posted so we know what’s going on. I haven’t e-mailed him because I don’t want to bother him. But if I hear anything I’ll post about it right away.

A Nice Surprise This Morning…

When I went online this morning I had three things on my mind: an interview I’ve been promising I’ll do, getting up a new blog post about an interesting aspect in gay relationships/marriages, and getting out an invoice to my publisher for a book that was submitted last week. I like to get these things out of the way fast so I can start writing. Right now I’m working on a short story that I want to submit before the end of the week for Lori Perkins’s new football anthology.

But while I was checking my e-mails I found the photo above. All things stopped and I went directly to facebook to say thank you. The photo was posted on my wall by my blogging buddy, Ryan. Here’s Ryan’s blog, a guy in love. His posts have always resonated with me because I can identify with a lot of the things he’s experienced. I’m linked to him in two places here on the blog. I’m also linked to him way down deeper inside. I’ve watched him grow from a kid, blogging about what it’s like to be a gay teenager, into a strong, smart man who just seems to get better and better.

I’m bad with time, but it has to be at least seven years since I first stumbled across Ryan’s blog. I’ve seen him go through ups and downs…mostly ups. He’s made me laugh more than anyone I know just by being there when I was going through downs. And we’ve established a trusting friendship through e-mails that I cherish. The only thing left to do is meet in person and give him a hug. He lives in Florida; I live in Pennsylvania near Philadelphia. That’s not easy to do. But I hope one day I get a chance to do this in person.

Ryan’s A Guy In Love…Blog Going Blank

I’ve been following my friend Ryan’s blog for more years than I can remember now. And this morning I found out it was going blank.

I don’t know the exact reasons why the blog is going blank. I’ve e-mailed Ryan and I didn’t ask for details because I know he’s a private person and I respect his privacy. My concern was to be sure everything was okay with Ryan and Tyler. At this point, I think of them both as adopted brothers.

And if I did know the details, I wouldn’t mention them because they are Ryan’s business.

But I do know a lot of people are going to miss Ryan’s blog, including me. For me, Ryan is what blogging was always intended to be. When personal blogging first started, it was supposed to be about online personal journals, where people talked about their lives, their interests, and their dreams. It wasn’t supposed to be about promoting books, reviewing books, and hocking goods and wares for personal gain.

Then blogging caught on and became something entirely different, which is fine. I’m just as guilty as everyone else. But I’m gonna miss the old ways. And it’s just not going to be the same without Ryan around on the interwebs.

Thanks to Ryan from A Guy In Love

For those who read my blog, you’ve heard me mention a blogging buddy I’ve had for a long time. Here’s a link to his blog, and his name is Ryan. I think it’s like six or seven years now I’ve been following him. But it could be longer. The time flies so fast I lose track.

Well. I just wanted to send a shout to Ryan, and tell him I love this new group he started on facebook. It’s a private group celebrating the nude male body. Oh yeah, male nudity. That’s right, male nudity. The emotional folks over at a few romance web sites wouldn’t know what to make of it and they’d probably drop their half-glasses and the tight little buns at the back of their heads would explode. They might even shudder and cross their legs.

But this is the kind of group that’s fun and entertaining. And with so much boring, cute crap out there sometimes on publishing blogs…not to mention all the serious depressing crap…it’s nice to see something that’s fun for a change. I just hope facebook doesn’t decide to censor it. They’ve been known to do that, you know. Facebook isn’t a democracy. Because if it does, I might have to talk to Ryan about starting our own little fun web site/social network like this and facebook can go to hell.