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A Gay Three-Way Marriage; Matt Bomer Playing A Transgender Sex Worker; Cute Guy Photos for International Bath Day

A Gay Three-Way Marriage

Three-ways have always been a big part of gay culture, but not usually long term three-ways. I’ve seen them myself with friends, but I’ve never seen one last. Not once. A gay couple will bring a third into their relationship with the best of intentions, and one of them will wind up out in the cold eventually. Sorry for being so blunt, but that’s what I’ve seen first hand.

With that said, I’m sure there are exceptions to the rule.

Actor Victor Hugo Prada and his two partners, sports instructor John Alejandro Rodriguez and journalist Manuel Jose Bermudez, just signed papers making them a legally married throuple.

“We wanted to validate our household… and our rights, because we had no solid legal basis establishing us as a family,” Prada announced in a video shared by Colombian media earlier this week. 

You can check the rest out here. The comments are blunt, too.

Matt Bomber Playing A Transgender Sex Worker

One of the things I loved about the TV show, Sense 8, was that they used a real transgender person in the cast, in a lead role, to play a transgender character. I don’t think I’ve seen that before. And think about that. It’s logical. There are transgender people who are professionally acting so why not hire them to play transgender roles? Or even more important, why take a good transgender role away from a real transgender person?

But of course that would be too simple for Hollywood. In their blatant hypocrisy, they seem to thrive on a certain brand of insulting appropriation. And now they’ve cast Matt Bomer as a transgender sex worker, and there’s been controversy.

It’s a casting choice that’s met with considerable criticism: The upcoming drama Anything, directed by Timothy McNeil, will star Matt Bomer as a transgender sex worker.

According to Deadline, many members of the transgender community have questioned the casting of a cis-male actor for the role. Executive producer Mark Ruffalo says he wanted Bomer for the part after a “profound experience” working with him on HBO’s production of The Normal Heart. ‘

But does straight, privileged Ruffalo’s profound experience give him the right to do this to the transgender community?

I have no doubt Matt Bomer will be excellent, only I won’t be watching this one. Even though I’m not transgender, I think it’s time we started supporting each other more.

You can read the rest here.

Cute Guy Photos for International Bath Day

On a much lighter note, here’s one with a series of photos of men in bathtubs who are celebrating International Bath Day. I love a bath.

It’s International Bath Day! To celebrate, we thought we’d compile some photos of cute guys getting their rub-a-dub-dub on in the tub.

According to, International Bath Day dates all the way back to ancient Greece (a.k.a. the most homoerotic time in human history): 

You can check out the whole story here, plus see the photos. It’s a good one.

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