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Bury It Officer and A Fundamental Difference Between Gay Men and Straight Women

I just found out the release date for BURY IT OFFICER is going to be August 26th.

I’ll post more when it’s released. But this is another short story, with a very happy, unexpected ending. At least it’s unexpected from my own personal experience as a gay man. But it’s fiction and it’s something I would have liked to see happen just once. I would imagine most gay men would find it unusual, too.

This is also one of those stories that reminds me of a few lines I heard last night in the movie, Life As We Know It. A few neighbors were talking about the main character, played by Josh Duhamel, and this is what the dialogue sounded like…not verbatim.

Neighbor One, a gay man, points to Josh Duhamel and whispers something to the effect of, “There he is. He’s the one who sweats all the time and smells so great.”

Neighbor Two, a straight woman, rolls her eyes and says, “I think he stinks.”

And there you have it. A fundatmental difference that someone else wrote this time, not me.