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National Coming Out Day: A Different Kind of Post

For those who aren’t sure (and from the e-mails I receive, I know there are many of you), I’m posting this link to let you know what National Coming Out Day is all about

If you feel so inclined to come out today or in the near future, I wish you the best. If you have come out because of National Coming Out Day, I applaud you.

In all honesty, I’ve never met a gay man (can’t speak for women) who was inspired to come out because of this day. I’m sure there’s someone; I just haven’t met him. But I like this day because it creates awareness and offers hope to the millions of closeted gay people all over the world. And comfort to the millions of gay people who don’t have options and choices and who can’t come out in parts of the world (I’ve read all your e-mails, too).

Personally, I didn’t “come out” to anyone. I was always gay and I just lived my life the way I felt like living it, without offering an explanation to anyone. For me, it was easier this way.

But the experience of acceptance and self-actualization is different for all gay people. And no one shares the same exact experience. So if you find that National Coming Out Day puts more pressure on you than support, please don’t think you are alone. You’ll get there in time, and on your own schedule.