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AIDS: The Myth of Patient Zero, Gaétan Dugas; A Creepy Andy Cohen Story; Speedos Disappearing In Europe

AIDS: The Myth of Patient Zero

I’ve posted about Patient Zero before on the blog, and I think this article I’m linking to right now might clear things up once and for all.

For years people claimed that a guy named Gaétan Dugas was responsible for bringing AIDS to the US. However, now they are claiming it was all myth.

“The new analysis shows that Mr. Dugas’s blood, sampled in 1983, contained a viral strain already infecting men in New York before he began visiting gay bars here after being hired by Air Canada in 1974.”

There’s more here. The comments are a little off the proverbial wall with this one and you might not want to take them too seriously.

A Creepy Andy Cohen Story

I’m assuming this article was meant to be taken lightly, however, it’s the kind of thing that always bothers me slightly. There’s something creepy about it that just doesn’t sit well. You never hear a story about Andy Cohen encouraging Kelly Rippa to sleep with a “beautifully blonde” lady. But it’s okay to do it to the gay guy. Then it’s funny.

In any event…

Cohen proudly recounts that one crazy time Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos strongly encouraged him to sleep with a “beautifully blonde” lady, as well as her equally gorgeous husband — “a muscular, tanned mechanic.”

I really hate to take these things too seriously, but if these things were to happen to any other minority no one would be laughing.

That’s more here

Speedos Disappearing In Europe

I know this one is kind of silly, and we can all live without hearing about it, but I couldn’t resist.

For as long as I can remember, there have been jokes about men wearing speedos. And now this article claims the speedo is losing ground in Europe, too.

That’s the not-bitchy style writer and photographer Karlmong Tang, talking to How Stuff Works for their alarmist article “Why Is the Speedo Disappearing From European Beaches?”, a rather exhaustive investigation into why the Lycra-clad minions are no longer rocking swim briefs in the summer and what they’re choosing to wear instead.

Here’s more.  I have no strong opinions on this.

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