Category: A Celebrity Showed Up At A Gay PnP Party; The Penis Lightening Trend; Grindr Stalker Shows Up Unannounced

A Celebrity Showed Up At A Gay PnP Party; The Penis Lightening Trend; Grindr Stalker Shows Up Unannounced

A Celebrity Showed Up At A Gay PnP Party

A PnP party (Party and Play), also referred to as a Chem Sex Party, is group sex with drugs…an orgy. They find out about them on hook up apps. It’s more popular in metropolitan areas with gay men, but I think it happens everywhere.

Here’s an article about a PnP party where a gay celebrity showed up, which isn’t uncommon.

 One of the celebrities invited him to an after party back at his condo, where Kenjo and the man engaged in a five man meth-infused orgy.

“I felt a rush that I wanted to consume, but it never stopped, so I had to exhaust it until I passed out,” he recalls. “But what I can recall is that I had sex with every guy in the group.”

You can read the rest here. There are quite a few comments. But I don’t think anyone who commented has ever actually been to a PnP Party.

The Penis Lightening Trend

I’m seeing this everywhere lately. They’re now issuing warnings about penis lightening.

“Penis laser whitening is not necessary, wastes money and may give more negative effects than positive ones,” the health ministry’s Dr Thongchai Keeratihuttayakorn said in a statement.

Here’s more. The article goes into a lot more detail about the procedure, and there are SFW photos.  They also get into the racism factors that are associated with skin lightening.

Grindr Stalker Shows Up Unannounced

This is why these dating apps can be scary sometimes. I think this is a classic case of stalking. They hadn’t reached the point where they were making plans to get together, but this guy just showed up at his house.

He hadn’t given the man his address or even made concrete plans for them to meet. When he asked how the stranger figured out where he lived, he replied, “That was easy – you gave me your phone number.”
Petrew says he was “freaked out.” After all, who tracks down a person’s address using their cellphone number? Other than a stalker, that is.
Here’s more. This is more proof that you can’t assume anything…or trust anything. It’s also proof that with just basic information nowadays anyone can look up anything about you. I was selling a chest of drawers recently on Craigslist and I never give out any contact info until I’ve gotten to know the buyer through a few e-mails…and I feel comfortable with the buyer. But one guy actually got my address and I’m still not sure how he did that. He turned out to be totally safe, but still. 

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