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Congrats to A.B. Gayle on Her Rainbow Award…

I have about ten new blog posts to write, plus final edits for a new book to get through, but I wanted to sneak a congratulatory post in about author A.B. Gayle winning the William Neale award in this year’s Rainbow Awards for “Red + Blue.”

I have not read that particular book, but I will eventually. I became a fan of Ms. Gayle’s a short time ago when I read one of her other books, “Marde Gras.” I knew from page one I liked her style and I could tell she worked very hard to get so many small details right. One of the things that often frustrates me about some m/m fiction is that the author’s voice tends to sound more like a middle aged woman than a gay man, especially in dialogue. Or, an older gay man who’s out of touch instead of a younger gay man. There are telltale signs, and sometimes all it has to be is a word and it becomes a dead give-away. That’s not the case with A.B. Gayle. She nails it every time, and how she does it amazes me. I think it’s because of the extensive research she’s always doing, and she’s one of the most curious authors I’ve met in years. In fact, I’m sometimes afraid of her questions. They make me think too hard (smile).

For those who follow this blog, you know I don’t like writing reviews, especially for authors in the m/m genre. In fact, I don’t like asking for reviews either, and I can honestly say that other than submitting a *few* books to professional reviewers I have never actually asked another author to read one of my books for review. And I never will. If they ask me if they can read one and review it, that’s fine. But I don’t go out soliciting reviews. I probably should do more of that, but I find it creepy.

When I do find a book/author in the m/m genre that I really do love, I either rate it on goodreads or I write the rare full review and post it everywhere from this blog to Amazon. And trust me, that doesn’t happen very often with me. I have read a few I didn’t like, and most of the time I just go silent.

But in Ms. Gayle’s case, it’s just the opposite. I’ve always been pleasantly surprised by her writing, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to see that the particular juror who read her book for the Rainbow Awards agrees with me.