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84 Distinct Works

A reader e-mailed me and asked how many books/stories I’ve had published.

I went blank. I honestly had no idea. I stopped counting a long time ago. I’m like that. If you ask me the name of a character in a book I wrote a year ago I have to go look it up. I think this is because I believe in looking forward, not backward.

But I wanted to answer the reader, so I checked out and sure enough, they have a round about figure. According the them, I have “84 distinct works.” I think there are more published works, but those works would go back to pre-computer days when I first started out. There are also tons of magazine pieces I’ve done, both in the US and in Europe. (I love working with magazines: they pay great flat fees, the editors are really cool, and you don’t have to put up with any bullshit.)

But here’s the link to if you’re curious. I hope the info there is correct. But then I didn’t do it so you can blame goodreads if it’s not correct (smile).