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63% Say Kim Davis Should Issue Licenses; Jeremy Irvine’s Gay Sex Scenes; Matt Damon Mansplaining

63% Say Kim Davis Should Issue Licenses

In September of 2013 I posted about a county clerk here in south eastern Pennsylvania who believed in same sex marriage and he started handing out marriage licenses even though it wasn’t legal. Ultimately, he was ordered by the courts to stop issuing them because it was against the law, and he followed the law in spite of his own personal beliefs. He stopped issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples and he continued to do his job.

I could give many other examples like the one above. My main point is that people who support same sex marriage have been following the law and going against their own personal beliefs for more years than Kim Davis can even count.

Evidently, most people agree in a random poll that she should either be forced to follow the law and issue same sex marriage licenses, or step down from office.

Regardless of her religious objections, a majority of Americans believe Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis should be required to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Davis spent several days in a Kentucky jail for defying a federal judge’s order that she allow licenses to be issued. After returning to work this week, Davis allowed her deputies to issue licenses but had her name removed from them.

Of the random 1,003 adults surveyed nationwide in a Washington Post-ABC News poll,  63% believe she should be required, 33% said she should not be and 4% had no opinion.

You can check out the rest here. 

I think polls like this are important because they’re random…not just LGBT people. Because who (without getting political or religious) in America doesn’t have to follow the law? And what makes Kim Davis so special?

Who knows what’s next with this one. It seems to change daily. 

Jeremy Irvine’s Gay Sex Scenes

Jeremy Irvine is the young straight actor playing gay in the upcoming film about the Stonewall riots that has received a great deal of backlash. Some accuse the film of whitewashing history, the same way Hollywood tends to whitewash everything to market films like this for mainstream audiences who know nothing about gay culture. I don’t know much about Stonewall so I can’t comment. I do, however, believe that whenever you’re dramatizing anything it’s never going to be exactly the way it happened. And it shouldn’t be. That’s why it’s called dramatization.

‘It was my first gay sex scene in a film, and hey, to be honest, if you’re gonna do it, Jonathan Rhys Myers is not a bad choice,’ Irvine tells PrideSource.

The 25-year-old actor had done only one other sex scene on film before and it was with a female.

‘I’m pretty green to all that,’ he says. ‘And Jonathan obviously did The Tudors, and so he said, “Just relax. I used to do, like, 10 of these a day.” So he was very cool. He took my hand. Took me through it.’

You can read the rest here. When I do get the time I’m going to do a longer post on the Stonewall riots because I don’t know much about it and I’d like to know more about all this controversy.

Matt Damon Mansplaining

For those who might not know, I’ve written about mansplaining and straightsplaining in previous posts. I don’t like to focus on these things often anymore because they’re always so vituperative in nature…they bring out the worst in people.

In any event, Damon did something like this, and this time it was with a black woman filmmaker.

Damon interrupted her and said that the less diverse potential teams brought up the same issue, and Brown tried to pick up her point again — “Not necessarily true” — but Damon continued to talk over her and say that the diverse team may not end up making the film with the sensitivity Brown expects.

The filmmaker, Effie Davis, tweeted this:

Brown responded to the controversy on Twitter and retweeted a GIF of herself that was captioned, “When you realize even the most liberal white dudes in Hollywood will mansplain representation to you.”

The rest is here. 

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