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50 Shades Musical; WeHo Mayor Apologizes; Hugh Jackman Raps; London Gay Sprayed With Bleach

50 Shades Musical

There’s a new musical out that parodies best selling novel, Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s being described as a musical that playfully “skewers” the best selling book by E. L. James.

“You don’t have to be familiar with the material to enjoy ’50 Shades!,’ though fans of the book will be rewarded by some of the direct references, such as Christian’s anthem ‘I Don’t Make Love,’ taken from a line of dialogue in the story.” Jenelle Riley of Variety wrote. “Regardless, newcomers and fans alike should enjoy getting down and dirty with this talented company.”

You can read more here, with a clip.

Here’s a direct link to the play’s web site. They are openly calling it a parody and so far I haven’t read anything about E. L. James reacting with a comment.

All reviews seem to be excellent.

Those of you who don’t like 50 Shades but write erotica, don’t get too excited about this musical. It’s the same type of thing erotic writers have been dealing with for years from those who laugh at sex and erotica…which is why it’s important to learn how to laugh at yourself first. And why I’m a huge fan of parody.

WeHo Mayor Apologizes

I have to admit that I wouldn’t even have known it was gay pride in WeHo if I hadn’t seen a couple of FB friends posting photos. It looked like fun, but here’s a little back story involving the mayor and a few comments made about bi-sexuals. After being called out on this in public, the mayor responded this way:

D’Amico responded to the letter on Langley’s Facebook wall. “Thanks Stacey,” wrote the mayor. “It’s not ok to make fun of people. We both know that and I certainly wasn’t intending to. I’m glad you wrote to me. Hope to see you here this weekend enjoying the fun.”

According to this article, the mayor wasn’t the only one to ruffle bi-sexual feathers this weekend, so to speak.

The same weekend, gay comedian Alec Mapa tweeted a joke that many bisexual activists found biphobic. The tweet, cosigned by Michelle Visage of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and later taken down, read, “When someone tells me they are bisexual I react the same way I do when someone tells me they’re allergic to gluten.”

I think that means he doesn’t believe them…but don’t quote me on that.

He quickly removed the tweet…as if it would disappear from the Internets forever and he would be safe. I guess he never heard of screen shots. You can view them here, and read more about the mayor of WeHo.

Once again, you have to wonder what these people are thinking, or if they actually do think first before they speak.

 Hugh Jackman Raps

I love Hugh Jackman. I love rap music. But I have to admit that I didn’t watch the Tony Awards last night. I watched Nurse Jackie and the season finale of Veep. Aside from the fact that my husband, Tony, just couldn’t physically sit through the Tony Awards, I can take them or leave them and if something better is on that’s what I’ll watch. But I do understand how many people love anything Broadway related, and I think Hugh Jackman rapping is newsworthy. I also think it might be a smart move to get more people to watch the Tony’s next year…if they keep doing things like this.

You can read more here, and watch a few videos if you didn’t catch the Tony Awards last night.

London Gay Sprayed With Bleach

This is highly disturbing. A London man was sprayed with bleach in an anti-gay attack outside a club.

The clubber from south-west London and a male friend, aged 21, had struck up a conversation with the trio outside the club after being refused admission.

When the women, believed to be East European, discovered the pair’s sexuality they began screaming homophobic abuse.

The men then squirted the bleach hard into the two men’s faces, burning the cornea in one man’s eye and spraying the chemical directly into the other man’s mouth.

You can read more here.

Never trust anyone outside a club…anywhere, ever.