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Reality Show "3" is Now an Exclusive Web Series…

For those who don’t know, I’ve been posting about a book and an author I recently read titled, “No More Harvard Debt.” It’s non-fiction, dealing with personal finance, and how one man paid of thousands of dollars in student loans.

You can check out the link here to read more about it.

The author of NMHD, Joe Mihalic, was also selected to be on a CBS TV reality show title, “3.” The show has been shifted into a web series, and you can read more about it here.

The blog is good, too. He may or may not know it, but he’s a natural blogger and executes what he does in a way that I think blogging was always intended to be done.

I’ve actually seen the TV show a few times and as far as reality TV goes it’s different. You get to know the characters and you start to care about what happens to them.

3…A New CBS Reality Show Starring Self-Pubbed Non-Fic Author, Joe Mihalic

While I was writing a review for Joe Mihalic’s book, “No More Harvard Debt,” this morning I went to his blog for a link and discovered something interesting.

He’s been selected to star in a new reality show on CBS, called, “3.”

Here’s the blurb:

“3 is a relationship show that won’t perpetuate a fairy tale myth about dating. Without any typical game play, it intimately documents the search for love and the reality of dating — the anticipation, the excitement, the rejection. Along the way, we’ll see personalities who are real, and flawed, and simply human.”

I became a fan of Joe as a blogger and posted about him here a couple of times. And not only because he did a great thing in general by paying off his loans so fast, but also because he’s the consummate blogger as blogging was intended originally and he’s now a self-pubbed author in non-fiction.

He’s also a decent guy, with no pretense or attitude. He reminds me of the male version of Zora Andrich who starred in the reality show “Joe Millionaire” a few years ago and won half the million dollar prize. I knew Zora personally when she lived in Lambertville, NJ, which is only a few miles from New Hope where I live. At the time Tony and I owned a few tanning salons and she was one of our clients. She was one of the nicest, and most gorgeous women I’ve met in a long time. And she worked just as hard as Joe.

It shows that good things to happen to nice people every now and then. And this time I hope Joe winds up meeting the woman of his dreams.

3 premieres this Thursday on CBS at 10/9C and all following episodes will be on Sunday at 9/8C.

You can read more about it here.