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Straight Journalist Allegedly Uses Grindr To Out Gays In Rio; 25% Single Gay Men Don’t Use Condoms

Straight Journalist Allegedly Uses Grindr To Out Gays In Rio

This is the kind of allegation you don’t normally see anywhere.

Nico Hines has been covering the Olympics for the Daily Beast. As part of his reporting, he thought it would be hilarious to create a fake profile on the dating app then see just how many gay athletes were cruising for sex between games.

Hines was shocked to learn that Rio has become, in his words, “a hotbed of partying athletes, hookups, and sex, sex, sex.” Particularly gay “sex, sex, sex.”

You can read more here. I don’t know where this guy has been living, but Rio’s been known for this since as far back as I can remember. In any event, according to this article, he didn’t give out anyone’s name but he’s been facing a lot of backlash anyway. It’s not something to take lightly.

Update: Since this news broke there has been an outpouring of statements from openly gay people like Gus Kenworthy with public profiles who are condemning this journalist.  

25% Single Gay Men Don’t Use Condoms

According to a new survey, many single gay men are not using condoms. Of course there is PrEP to consider. However, as the article points out, PrEP is not going to keep people safe from other STIs.

Only about 36% of gay men didn’t have unprotected anal sex in the last year, according to the survey of UK gays. About 40% said that almost all of their sex was unprotected. Guys! What are you doing? Do you like getting gonorrhea shots?

Other findings include the discovery that about half had sex with only one partner in the last year, and slightly less than that are in a monogamous relationship.

You can read the rest here.

The entire article is leaving too much out for me…so no comment.


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