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More On Stonewall Film; Stonewall Historian Speaks Out on "Stonewall"; 24 Year Old and Gay Sugar Daddy

More On Stonewall Film

This entire topic is tricky for me because there seem to be so many varying opinions. On the one hand there are LGBT people who claim Hollywood white-washed gay history, and on the other some claim they can’t wait to see it because it’s a gay film about Stonewall. In other words, they’re excited about it because it’s a gay film and they don’t care whether or not it’s accurate. I felt that way, too, at first…excited about it. 

This doesn’t seem to be disappearing, which I thought it would. 

In any event, here’s an article with more scathing reviews on Stonewall, the film. 

Rather than choose something debatable, the filmmakers created something definitively untrue. Rather than exploring the conflicting stories of what sparked the riot (was it Marsha P. Johnson’s shot glass, a high heel, a brick, or what?), which could have made for a fascinating formal exercise, they just credited the white guy. Rather than really examine Stonewall, a place obviously brimming with unheard stories of extreme living, Emmerich and company decided to center their narrative on a dude who drops by the bar a few times while floating through the city (only to settle uptown at Columbia when the summer ends). Imagine, just one time, an ensemble led by a character who isn’t white and “straight-acting.” Imagine people of color being used for more than just support.

You can read several more just like this, here.  

Frankly, at this point I’m more inclined to trust my fellow gay journalists, activists, and well informed reviewers and I won’t be running to see Stonewall any time soon. And I rarely base my decision on reviewers.

If anyone does happen to see the film and they’d like to leave their well informed short review, feel free to comment. I would love to hear your thoughts, no matter what they are. I always post anon comments, too.

Stonewall Historian Speaks Out on “Stonewall”

In more Stonewall movie related news, a Stonewall historian is now speaking out.

And it was very disappointing to me to see the death and funeral of Judy Garland used yet again as part of an explanation for the Stonewall uprising. That has been thoroughly discredited by historical research. And this film is no credit to the history it purports to portray.”

You can read the whole thing here.

Seriously. How much more do you need to know? 

24 Year Old and Gay Sugar Daddy

Moving on to something much lighter, here’s an article about a 24 year old straight guy and his rich sugar daddy. The 24 year old is open and honest about stating he’s only in it for the money. He’s also going to inherit the money when the older one is dead.

Do you have sex with each other?
Yes, we have sex.
Do you engage in one night stands with women?
Yeah, I can still hook up with women just so long as I don’t bring any home with me. So either at their place or a hotel or something.
What’s the point of getting married without a romantic connection?
You’d have to ask him I guess, since I’d ask what’s the point of a romantic connection in the first place. FWIW I kind of fake one for him, although he knows I’m faking.
Are you the top or bottom?
Usually I bottom but sometimes he wants me to fuck him.

No comment from me. You can read the rest here. 

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