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Paul Walker Dies; 2013 POZ 100 List; Sexy Pics World AIDS Day

Paul Walker Dies

Update: I saw on social media the Paul Walker death might be a hoax, however, as of now I checked multiple sources that all seem reputable and they all say he died and that the hoax was actually a hoax. Here, and here. When I say the Internet is a cruel place, I never joke.

Walker, who had roles in many films, including Fast and Furious, was killed in an auto accident this weekend. I remember him best from Varsity Blues.

According to TMZ, Walker and Rodas’ bodies were burned so badly in the crash that they’re currently unidentifiable and their autopsies will be delayed until later this week. A rep for the L.A. County Coroner tells TMZ that the coroner is waiting on both sets of dental records before proceeding.

You can read more here.


2013 Poz 100 List

There are a lot of people working for HIV related causes and many we don’t hear about. That’s partly because they aren’t doing what their doing to get attention or praise. And the following are 100 who have given of themselves without expecting anything in return. All are HIV +.

This year’s list is made up of 100 HIV-positive people from around the country who are committed to ending the epidemic. And because they are living with the virus themselves, they often have a unique understanding of what needs to be done and how best to do it. They know what it’s like to be newly diagnosed and how it feels to deal with HIV-related stigma and discrimination. They understand the challenges of accessing care, treatment and support. They realize that by sharing their stories, they are not only inspiring others living with the virus, but also empowering themselves and the entire HIV community.

You can read more here.

Sexy Pics World AIDS Day

In keeping with so many others who are doing sexy calendars this year, a group of men who are both straight and gay are posing in sexy photos for World AIDS day in Element Magazine. Instead of a calendar, these photos will be printed on post cards that will be sold to raise money for AFA, Action for AIDS.

“This had been one of the most ambitious shoots we have done so far in Element Magazine,” said Hiro Mizuhara, the creative mind behind the awareness campaign, in a statement emailed to The Huffington Post. “We hope our readers can enjoy the images and assimilate the messages we wanted to bring across.”

You can read more here.

The photos are interesting in an artistic way. You can check them out with the link above.