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Release Date: A Young Widow’s Promise

I just received my author copies for A YOUNG WIDOW’S PROMISE and learned the release date will be October 28, 2011.

I can’t thank Dalia and Janet over at enough for editing this book. And I can’t thank Dawne Dominique enough for creating the cover. As usual, I gave her an unrealistic, lengthy description of what I wanted the cover to be. And she interpreted it, brought it all back to reality, and came up with a cover that was better than what I’d expected.

I’ll post more when the book/novella is released. But I’d like to make it clear this is a m/f historical romance with a m/m subplot, that’s set during the civil war, and has a very happy ending. It’s also extremely low in the heat level department. There is erotica, but not anything that would be considered extreme or too graphic. In this case, the story didn’t call for it. I know I’m sometimes the first one to complain there isn’t enough erotica in some books. But I just didn’t think this novella needed it.

Weird But Interesting: 2011

This year has 4 interesting and rare dates:

11-1-11 &

Wait….it gets better.

Now take the last 2 digits of the YEAR of your birth, add the age you will turn this year and it will equal 111…..try it. Too weird eh!