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2011 Rainbow Awards…

The results are in, and the 2011 Rainbow Awards have been released.

Please check them out here, at Elisa Rolle’s livejournal.

There are more details here.

Here’s the main link, where you can scroll down and get all the details.

I’d also like to thank Elisa for taking the time to do this once again. I think it’s something the entire LGBT literary community looks forward to and I know it’s a lot of work.

As a judge/juror, I know it takes time to read the assigned books. And I take it very seriously. It takes even longer to decide ratings because the books are so good. So I can’t even imagine how much times it takes for Elisa Rolle to organize and execute an event like this, especially while working full time as a professional in a very demanding position.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s awards.

2011 Rainbow Award Guidelines for Gay Books

In case you don’t know, there’s this event called The Rainbow Awards. It was started by LGBT romance book reviewer, Elisa Rolle, and it’s been gaining momentum in the past few years.

Here are the rules and how you can enter.

If you write m/m romance, or m/m fiction, and you haven’t checked out Elisa’s blog yet, please take the time to do it. You’re in for a treat you won’t find anywhere else. It not only has a strong international flair and sophistication I love, but also a sense of taste and style. It’s different; trust me on this. Style is something you either have or don’t have and you can’t fake it. Elisa has style. And she cares far more about books and authors than she does about the publishing industry or idle gossip.

I know for a fact Elisa lives and loves m/m romance more than anyone I know. Although she’s a full time professional in Italy, with an excellent career, the rest of her life has been devoted to m/m romance. And in doing this, she’s helped promote positive, productive LGBT images without an agenda. She just loves what she does.

So check out her site, and if you haven’t entered your books in her contest, please check out the guidelines. I might be wrong about this because I haven’t checked other guidelines in a while, but as far as I know, this is the only international LGBT award where everyone is invited to participate. In other words, you don’t have to be gay. You can be a straight woman writing m/m romance and you are still eligible. And, you can enter e-books. They don’t have to be just print books.

2011 Rainbow Awards

If you’re not a member of facebook, I’m not sure this link will work. But you can give it a try anyway. “Link”

It’s a link about an event for the 2011 Rainbow Awards, which everyone knows I think is extremely important to the lgbt literary community.

If you haven’t heard of the Rainbow Awards, check it out. And look for more posts like this right here on the blog. I’ll be posting updates about the Rainbow Awards for the next year.