1romanceebooks.com Changes Its Name. Please Read and Help Promote

I read some news on a yahoo thread this evening and wanted to post about it fast. 1romanceebooks.com has changed its name. All the info is below, so feel free to pass this along.

We could really use your help. In the next couple weeks, 1RomanceEbooks will become http://1PlaceForRomance.com . The same great romance stories, the same great romance authors and publishers, the same great customer service… we’re just changing our name. 1RomanceEbooks appreciates your past support. We would appreciate your continued support during our transition. 1PFR’s Facebook and Twitter pages are active and we extend an invitation to you to friend and follow us. 1PlaceForRomance is our new website name: http://1PlaceForRomance.com 1PFR has a Facebook: http://facebook.com/OnePlaceForRomance 1PFR is on Twitter: http://twitter.com/1PFR Please help us get the word out! Please mention the change on your website and in your blogs and email lists. We have included links to some banners to make it easy. We appreciate your business and we appreciate your trust. As a thank you to the authors who blog for us, we’ll be putting everyone’s name in a hat and will draw 5 names for a special promotion package. This will include highlighting your books and banners in our newsletter and on our blog. We’ll also prominently feature your books on our FaceBook page and Twitter feed. Questions? We are happy to help. Just let us know. Email Val at promotion @ 1PlaceForRomance.com and let us know you are willing to help 1RomanceEbooks transition to 1PlaceForRomance.
Wishing you the best of success, The Folks at 1RomanceEbooks (soon to be 1PlaceForRomance.com)


I was recently pointed to an online e-book retailer called 1romanceebooks.com. I’d never been to the site before, so I’m not sure whether or not it’s brand new. But it looks like it’s simple to navigate, simple to order from, and it gives all the basic info on all the books being sold.

My www.loveyoudivine.com books are being sold there, too. These are all stand alone e-books that I only publish with lyd because they tend to lean more toward erotic romance and erotica than romance. One, DOWN THE BASEMENT, was originally part of a collection of short stories that was published by Cleis Press and won last year’s Lambda award for gay erotica. And the rest are either originals or previously published short stories that were in books by either Cleis Press or STARbooks Press. There’s also a new one being released on March 19th, titled, A REGULAR BUD.

So if you’re into e-books, check out 1romanceebooks to see if it’s for you. They seem to carry all authors and titles (except none of my ravenous romance books are there), and their prices aren’t bad either.

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