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The Will and Grace Revival; Farewell To Vine Stars; 18 Gay Magazine Covers Over the Years

The Will and Grace Revival

I have seen this Will and Grace revival thing in so many places lately I figured I’d post about it…once. This article questions whether or not we need a Will and Grace Revival.

But, yeesh, let’s take a minute and think here. When you watch an episode of the show, it really does not feel contemporary, and not just because it’s shot at 1.33:1. You forget how far this country has come until you see the issues queers were dealing with in 1999. Coming out was a huge deal, discrimination was just expected, gay marriage was hahaha yeah right. The show created a happy gay fantasy bubble where the real world seldom intruded, but it had to do so because the real world was so unpleasant at the time.

I think whoever wrote the article is living in a huge bubble of gay privilege. Seriously. What is wrong with these people writing gay related articles like this? Do they think we don’t know? Yes, we have come a long way since the 90s, however, millions of gay men all over the world are still dealing with the same issues they were dealing with back then. In some cases, it’s even worse.

And yes, I do think there’s room for a Will and Grace revival. I would love to see a Will and Grace revival. I never watched it that much, but I know tons of people who did and they loved it.

The rest is here, with comments.

Now, I always make a point of NOT reading the comments before I comment. And this comment below is way too coincidental even for me. This guy makes me feel a lot more validated now.

This article seems to be living in its own bubble. For many of our gay brethren young and old, coming out is difficult and can mean ending up estranged from family or homeless. Discrimination, both individual and systemic, is still the norm in huge swaths of our country or are we choosing to ignore “religious freedom” laws because they’re not in NYC or San Francisco? And so many of the episodes were about the judgements we make within our own community like putting down femmes and artsy gays and pretending to be straight acting at work. Yes, we have seen significant headway in the first two decades of this new century, but not nearly enough to try and mothball Will & Grace as some sort of comedic antique.

To be honest, the author of this article lost me at “yeesh.”

Farewell To Vine Stars

As most of you know already, Twitter is shuttering Vine. I never followed it too much, but I was always amazed whenever I saw something about a “Vine Star.” That there are actual “Vine Stars.”

 As our way of saying goodbye, here’s a quick summation of what made Vine so entertaining, confounding, frustrating, frightening…

You can check that out here, with visuals

For those of us who’ve been heavily invested in the Internet since the late 90s,  I can’t help thinking that we’re entering a new era of online content.

18 Gay Magazine Covers Over the Years

From a cultural POV, this is worth checking out.

In the spirit of LGBT history month, your dedicated editors did a hunt through the Google archives in pursuit of breakthrough magazine covers.

Pioneer print pubs like ONE, The Ladder, and HIM led us down a rabbit hole of early issues of LGBT periodicals.

You can check them out here. 

The only retro one that I remember is the one with Billy Bean. That was big news in the 90s, and I’ve always had a lot of respect for him…nothing but respect. He’s always been one of the true inspirations.

The Rainbow Detective Series

Saying Goodbye