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Gay For You Big Brother 16

Every summer I post about the fact that I’ve been a huge fan of the TV show (and the game), Big Brother, and this year I saw something different happen on the most recent episode that I never expected to see…anywhere. There are two good looking male contestants getting to know each other. Zach Rance claims he’s straight. And Frankie Grande is gay. They’ve formed a friendship that not only shows them bonding, but hugging, laying in bed together, and fondling each other in a way that’s rarely seen with straight men and gay men.

 Zach, the straight one, said softly to his gay friend: ‘Frankie, can you just like caress me.’

They then began to spoon.

Grande, the brother of singer Ariana Grande, and Rance are the season’s first big ‘showmance’ and have given themselves the moniker of ‘Zrankie.’

‘I’m not gay,’ Rance tells viewers. ‘But the bond Frankie and I have is so genuine and sincere that I truly feel that he is my boyfriend.’

I have always said…even in my books…the relationships and friendships between gay and straight men are often highly underestimated. I made this very clear in my m/m romance The Way We Almost Were. I have a hot straight friend, too. We don’t spoon and caress each other. But we really do connect in ways I often can’t connect with other gay men. It’s easier.

It should be interesting to see how this relationship ends up with Rance and Grande. On Big Brother no one is safe and the central theme of the game is all about how many lies you can tell and who you can stab in the back the most. It’s a game, first and foremost.

You can read more here. The comments are interesting, too.

Bisexual R.J. Aguiar

This is interesting for several reasons. One, it’s about a bisexual man and we don’t often hear much about them. And two, because R.J. Aguiar is another rising you tube star and they keep popping up more and more lately. Three, he’s adorable. Four, he’s tired of being labeled gay.

“Yes, I’m a bisexual male,” R.J. Aguiar says in a video published Monday. The 25-year-old is currently engaged to Will Shepherd, his fellow YouTuber and cofounder of the brand Not Adam and Steve. That relationship, combined with the couple’s online visibiliy, has led to a seemingly endless stream of questions about the validity of Aguiar’s orientation, he says.

I don’t post about this often, but I have mentioned the issues bisexual men face all the time. I personally don’t think it’s fair. You can try to explain bisexuality until you’re head is hanging sideways and most people still don’t get it.

There’s more here. There’s a video where Aguiar is trying to “set the record” straight…at least that’s what he’s hoping to do but I’m afraid it might fall on deaf ears with some.

17 Gays Playing Straight

I’ll admit that I’m often critical about the difficulties gay actors have getting straight roles in Hollywood, and I think that’s partly because it’s so hard for an openly gay author to cross into the mainstream with fiction. It’s like starting all over again and anything you’ve pubbed previously doesn’t count anymore. But I digress. Here’s a list of 17 gay actors who do play straight roles with success.

Here’s one:

10. Jonathan Bennett

This sexy actor is best known for his role as heartthrob Aaron Samuel in the iconic teen film “Mean Girls”. Sorry to say ladies but this guy just is not that interested in you. He is openly gay and has had a rumoured relationship with actor Matt Dallas.

Maybe I’m being a little too picky here, but I find the list accurate and yet slightly disappointing in some respects. If, and I really mean if without any insinuations, Tom Cruise were to hypothetically come out of the closet I have to wonder if he would ever get a leading straight role in the big feature film again. We’re making progress thanks to the 17 actors listed here, but I still think we have a long way to go.

You can view the entire list here.

The Way We Almost Were
by Ryan Field

Amazon Review (I tend to stay away from reviews because I think they are for readers and not for authors, and this is the very first time I’ve ever seen this one.)

Sometimes I read a book I like, I love or I’m passionate about. And sometimes a book just lets me speechless, so happy and satisfied, and fulfilled, that I loose my words. This book by Ryan Field is one of them. I don’t know what to say about the book if not that it is AMAZING. I read “A christmas Carl” by the same author and I loved it. But this book, “The way we almost were” is by far the best of Ryan Field’s books. Thi is a book about two men who met in college, and the love they have shared for each other over the years. It is also a book about the importance of living one’s life honestly and to the full.