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160K Respond to Christian Couple; "Looking" Fight Over Monogamy; Pope Francis on Gay Marriage, Again

160K Respond to Christian Couple

In short, a Christian couple in Australia vowed to get a divorce if gay marriage ever becomes legal in Australia. In response to that 160 thousand people responded with this:

More than 160,000 people plan to throw a massive party the day a Christian couple files for divorce if Australia adopts marriage equality later this year.

There’s even been a facebook page created:

Now, a Facebook event page has been created celebrating the Jensen’s impending divorce.

The party is being hosted by one Jesse Mount, who writes: “I invite everyone who supports marriage equality to come celebrate the DIVORCE of Nick & Sarah Jensen!”

“They have decided that being married together in a country where it’s legal for a man and a man to marry, or a woman and a woman, is just too horrible,” the invitation continues. “They’d much rather be divorced and I think we should all support and celebrate in their decision when the date finally does come.”

You can read the rest here. The couple makes a statement about why they don’t want gay marriage, which is the typical statement we’ve seen so far that only promotes ignorance and hate. One, they obviously don’t know any gay couples. Two, maybe they really do want a divorce and this is the best excuse they can come up with.

In any event, it is history and I think newsworthy so that we can revisit this time twenty or thirty years from now and remember people like them.

“Looking” Fight Over Monogamy

I’ve seen a few posts about this lately and I’m not all that surprised. Evidently, gay men of all ages “discuss” monogamy and relationships and not everyone agrees with everyone else. That’s the most delicate way I know how to put that.

In fact, I know gay couples who have been together for over thirty years and it’s not uncommon to hear that one or the other was “spotted” at a local cruise area looking for afternoon sex…on the down low. I also know gay couples who’ve been together for many years and they are completely monogamous. The examples I could give are infinite, including one where I’m writing about two fictional characters who have an agreement where they will bring a third sex partner into their relationship every so often but they won’t have sex with anyone else on their own.

Here’s the statement Jonathan Groff made:

I would say probably the epic fight over monogamy I had with Russell [Tovey] in the final episode. It really hit close to home. I had the monogamy conversations a million times with boyfriends and friends. Will we? Won’t we? What would it be like? It’s just something that’s been talked about a lot in different facets of my life.”

I doubt there’s a gay couple alive who hasn’t at least approached the subject. I’ve been there and so have most of my friends.

I also think this is a good example of how gender politics isn’t as important in some gay relationships as it is in straight relationships. We’re talking about two men discussing open sex. Not a man and a woman.

Pope Francis On Gay Marriage, Again

Oh yeah, the Pope is at it again. 

I tend to look at this a little differently because I was raised Catholic, I know how the Catholic Church deals with things, and I’m familiar with the don’t ask don’t tell silent rule. In other words, I went to a religious ceremony in a Catholic Church a few months ago and I would bet money that every priest on the alter was gay. I kept poking Tony and pointing the gay priests out. I’ve posted before about the two gay Catholic priests I knew, and also the time we were in a gay bar and a group of Catholic priests who taught me in school walked into the bar. In fact, I could literally write a long book on what I know about gay Catholic priests who sneak and lurk in the darkness. If you notice, the Pope never addresses these things.

So when the Pope makes statements like this I don’t take them to heart. I also know many Catholics who have no problem with gay marriage or anything LGBT.

On the heels of Rome’s LGBT pride parade last weekend, Pope Francis immediately marched out and made some blandly offensive proclamations regarding the sanctity of marriage. “Children mature seeing their father and mother [happy],” he droned airily, to an audience of 25,000 dozy worshippers. “What great richness this diversity is, a diversity which becomes complementary, but also reciprocal. It binds them, one to the other.”

I’ve also known a few nuns I would swear were lesbians. So while that does make things a little more complicated due to the official Church ruling on LGBT people, it doesn’t mean that all Catholics agree with, or support, everything the Pope says. He seems like a nice man, and we just pretend we do and we kiss his ring as a show of tradition and respect.

And then there’s this. Now the Pope is getting into climate change. I never weigh in on this because I do believe we have to take care of the environment, but I’m also on the fence about some things because the “science” says two different things most of the time. The argument continues, and now the Pope is getting involved in this, too.

You can read about that here.

For those of you very left wing liberals who are on a crusade to save the environment from all that is wicked and evil, you might find this quote from the Pope interesting. I’m not being glib about this either, so don’t shoot the messenger. I didn’t say this. The Pope did. Here you go:

Within the church, many conservative Catholics have questioned the pope’s heavy emphasis on the environment and climate change over other issues such as abortion and marriage.

Francis does address abortion and population issues in the encyclical, criticizing those in the environmental movement who show concern for preserving nature but not human lives.
I wish I could get the Pope to read this:

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