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Seven Football Players Sex Assault; Matthew Shepard’s Parents; 10 Types of Obnoxious Gay Men

Seven Football Players Sex Assault

Part of the reason this is so odd to me is that it happened with high school football players, where you typically hear about these things happening in colleges. I mean isn’t high school young for this? It happened not far from here, too, in Sayerville, New Jersey. Seven high school age football players have been charged with alleged sexual assault in a locker room as part of some kind of hazing ritual. 

The police received an anonymous tip and here are a few details.

As we reported yesterday, Superintendent of schools Dr. Richard Labbe had cancelled the remainder of this year’s football season in light of allegations of sexual misconduct in the boy’s locker room. According to an anonymous tipster, ritual hazing included upperclassmen shoving their fingers in the rectums of underclassmen, and then into their mouths.
After the discovery of “credible and substantial evidence” to support the claims, the AP reports six of the boys were arrested and charged with “aggravated sexual assault, criminal restraint, hazing and other crimes for an act of sexual penetration.” The seventh boy charged is still being sought.

You can read the rest here.

Matthew Shepard’s Parents

Yesterday was the 18th anniversary of the death of Matthew Shepard. He fell victim to a highly publicized gay bashing incident that changed the world and how we view hate crimes. He was beaten, tortured, left to die, and found tied to a fence. He died days later, his two attackers were prosecuted, and they both received two life sentences. His parents have been working hard to fight homophobia since his death, with the Matthew Shepard foundation, and they recently spoke about what they’ve been doing.

It’s interesting to read what they have to say now, and to read about their views on not wanting their son’s killers to get the death penalty.

 ‘Judy convinced me otherwise,’ says Dennis. ‘And she was right. If you put them in prison, where no-one remembers them, they’re not on death row where they can go through the appeals and possibly get out on [a] technicality, they don’t become martyrs for something horrendous like that, to encourage others… plus we didn’t have to worry about our other son having to go through the turmoil of them possibly getting out on parole.’ 

‘Court appearance after court appearance for mandatory appeals…’ adds Judy. ‘I just wanted it to be over. I don’t want to ever see them again. And this is how we did that.’

You can read the entire piece in full here.  

10 Types of Obnoxious Gay Men

Before I begin this, don’t shoot the messenger. I didn’t come up with this nonsense. Someone else did. I’m not fond of articles like this and I’ll comment a little, but I’ll keep it short. Here are ten different types of obnoxious gay men…not according to me.

10. Unnecessarily Bitchy Twinks
You see them in the clubs, usually huddled together in groups of three or four, dressed in skinny jeans and no shirt, showing off their svelte, boyish frames while sipping fruity beverages and surveying the the other club goers with discerning looks of insecurity superiority. Yes, they want to be noticed. But don’t you dare talk to them. If you do, you’ll only be met with dramatic eye rolls and lots of attitude.

8. “No Blks Or Azns” Gays
We’re not trying to police who a person should be attracted to, because everyone has his own particular types and preferences. However, when you make a point of listing the specific races and/or ethnicities of men who you don’t like on your Grindr profile, it makes you seem, well, kinda racist, not to mention closed-minded. As the old saying goes: Don’t knock it ’till you try it.

3. Narcissistic, Self-Obsessed, Selfie-Taking Gays
You’ve seen them at the gym taking a break between reps to casually pose for a photo in the mirror. You’ve seen them on Facebook sharing pictures of themselves laying out by the pool or sipping wine at a Napa vineyard. And you’ve seen them at the gay bar snapping not one, not two, but ten versions of the same photograph, trying to get the angle just right so that the pic looks flattering while at the same time spontaneous and fun. They are narcissistic, self-obsessed, selfie-taking gays. And they have no shame.

If anything, I think the author of this article is the most obnoxious gay man I’ve read in a long time…the critical, judgmental, snarky, know-it-all who thinks the world revolves around his political beliefs and social opinions.

You can read the rest here. The other examples don’t get much better than the examples I gave above.

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