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Count Them: 10 Gay Myths and Then Some…

When I came across “Purple Gloves,” and saw this post I knew I was going to link to it today. It’s a list of ten things that so many think are true, but in reality are only myths about the LGBT community.

Starting with #1, you can’t go wrong:

1. Most gay men are effeminate – Though I have many gay friends who consider the compact mirror the biggest thing since sliced bread, most gay men I have met are actually not feminine at all. However, being fem (and obvious) has its perks since these guys do tend to get hit on a lot (especially by married men); this has led to “straight-acting” guys dropping their wrists and being extra perky in bars and clubs to catch the eye of someone who isn’t sure whether his advances would be entertained (or rewarded with a bottle over the head). I’m don’t think this even needs to be said but not all effeminate men are gay.

There are nine more myths listed in the post that range from “Gay Men are Possessed by the Devil,” to “All Gay Men Really Want to be Women.” And each one knocks down another myth with an excellent example.

“Purple Gloves” is a blog written by this person:

Random musings and mutterings of an West African gay man

Some people choose painting or gossip.

Some would rather balance their books or watch their plants grow.

Others plot how to take over the world!

We all have different activities which we involve ourselves in as a form of expression, or to clear our minds.

This is mine.

He reminds me of a blogger I interviewed once a long time ago when I was a staff member at The post to which I’m linking isn’t the only one there of significance. I read a few others I liked just as much. It looks to be a current blog, too. This post, “Glimmer of LGBT Hope in Kenya’s anti-AIDS Fight,” was written on July 6.

So treat yourselves to a change and read something different. This week has been particularly vicious on the Interwebs. I promise this blogger will be a nice break, and you’ll realize how insignificant a lot of the things that happened this past week really are.