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Honest Drag Queen Confessions; Guys Who Are NOT on PrEP; 10 Gay-Friendly Headliners In Vegas

Honest Drag Queen Confessions

If you’re like me, you don’t know much about drag culture. So here’s one of those meme posts where drag queens speak candidly about a few issues they face. It’s not the deepest or the most emotional, and I think there’s more to learn…but it’s interesting.

Here’s one:

I’m a drag queen. And I love that none of my friends or family know; especially when I see my friends in public and they don’t recognize me. 

I have known a few drag queens, and one of them was openly gay with his family, but never revealed that he was a drag queen to them.

You can check the rest out here.

Guys Who Are NOT On PrEP

This is very confusing to me. This article asks if guys who are not on PrEP are less desirable. And that it’s getting harder for those who are not on PrEP to get “laid.”

“I’ve had several similar experiences over the past couple years when talking to guys on hookup apps like Grindr or Scruff: I’ll be on the verge of an invite to someone’s house until they ask me my HIV status. ‘Neg and only play safe,’ I always reply. It’s sometimes met with either stony silence or the abyss of being blocked by them on the app forever.”

I recently read that all STDs are on the rise, especially syphilis, and the article goes on to mention that. Evidently, these guys who are on PrEP don’t care about that?

Again, I’m confused. And I’m not being sarcastic about that. 

You can read the rest here. I seriously encourage you to read the all comments with this article in order to get a better understanding of how all gay men feel about this.

For the record, I’m not anti-PrEP. I just don’t understand judging someone who isn’t doing it.

10 Gay-Friendly Headliners In Vegas

I have a very good friend I’ve known for years in Vegas and I keep telling myself I will go out there and see her again. She’s my brother-in-law’s sister. We’ve known each other from NY days, and I think about her often. Now I definitely have to do this…

Las Vegas concerts are hotter than ever, and some of the biggest names are performing in the upcoming weeks before the New Year and, in some cases, beyond.

You can check this out here. It’s a great list of performers.