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Richard Simmons Can’t Sue Tabloids: Calling Someone Transgender Is NOT Defamation; Peter Thiel, Herpes Vaccine, and Patient Protections, 10 Drag Queen Looks of 2017

Richard Simmons Can’t Sue Tabloids: Calling Someone Transgender Is NOT Defamation
I’m glad the judge ruled this way. I was waiting to see what would happen, and I was hoping this would be the outcome. In other words, there’s nothing wrong with being called transgender and it’s not a defamatory accusation. 

Judge Gregory Keosian, in a tentative ruling, stated that being misidentified as trans doesn’t necessarily expose somebody to “hatred, contempt, ridicule, or obloquy,” so the tabloid claims don’t qualify as being defamatory:

There’s more here. They claim this is the first time a ruling like this has happened. However, this wasn’t the final ruling. That’s coming in a few days. I’ll keep a watch for it.

Peter Thiel, Herpes Vaccine, and Patient Protections

Here’s a story about a herpes vaccine that Peter Thiel has invested a large amount of money in. But some aren’t too happy with the way the vaccine is being tested with regard to patient protections. In case you don’t know, Thiel is the wealthy, successful gay guy everyone loves to hate because he helped bring down Gawker.

Thiel is one of several businessmen bankrolling a company looking to develop a herpes vaccine. (Yes, the STD herpes.) Thiel has sunk $7 million into the effort, which would seem an admirable initiative. Except for the fact that it’s intentionally ignoring the rules that the U.S. has in place to make sure patients in clinical trials are kept safe.

There’s more here. I don’t know enough about this to comment, but several people left a few good comments at the end.

10 Drag Queen Looks of 2017

I also know nothing about drag, but I know a lot of you do, so you’ll find this one interesting.

Our monly Painted for Filth! lists seem to get fiercer every month! This past August was filled with some amazing makeup portraits of drag royalty, featuring a fabulous selection of queens from around the world.

You can check out the top 10 looks here. 

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