Category: 000 US Teens Face Conversion Therapy; Gay Dating App Wants to Stop Dick Pics Shallow Preferences; Guy Benson Says He’s Not A Self-Hating Gay

75,000 US Teens Face Conversion Therapy; Gay Dating App Wants to Stop Dick Pics Shallow Preferences; Guy Benson Says He’s Not A Self-Hating Gay

75,000 US Teens Face Conversion Therapy

This number is staggering. And, this is also another reason why I feel so strongly about protecting gay kids, and why I don’t stop talking about movies like Call Me By Your Name where there is a barely legal 17 year old teen having sex with an older man. Kids in general, but especially gay kids, seem to be the most vulnerable these days in many different ways. And that bothers me.

This bothers me, too.

More than 75,000 teens aged 13 to 17 in the United States will face conversion therapy before adulthood. The information comes from a study by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law.
UCLA is a university located in Los Angeles, California. They provided the study to GSN.

You can check it out, here. It is a fascinating detailed article you should read. The numbers get even more intense, with respect to adults who’ve already had conversion therapy. They also get into laws preventing conversion therapy, which seems to be the only way to stop it. Because I highly doubt common sense is going to work.

Gay Dating App Wants to Stop Dick Pics Shallow Preferences

I’m not so sure how this is going to work. I really don’t know much about this topic because I’ve never used a hook up app. I’m married. Married people don’t do that (well, most). But it should be interesting to watch what happens.

Aside from unsolicited dick pics, apps like Grindr also promote issues of racism, ageism, fat shaming, and femme shaming among the gay community. To combat these issues, Chappy introduced a pledge for its users: basically, don’t be an asshole. If you don’t find someone attractive, simply swipe left.

From what I gather, a lot of guys are getting sick and tired of nothing but dick picks and negative shallow preferences. They’re looking for something that’s more real, and this particular hook up app seems to want to give it to them. Today I blocked a group of gay guys on Twitter for sharing a photo of barely legal teens posing naked. So I think there could be a market for something like Chappy.

Here’s the rest. 

Guy Benson Says He’s Not A Self-Hating Gay

I’ve never been quite sure what that term meant…self-hating gay. Or, as I’ve also heard, self-loathing gay.

In any event, here’s why Benson is defending himself…

In the video, which was released earlier this week, 32-year-old Benson defends his identity as “a Christian, a patriotic American, and a free market shrink-the-government conservative who also happens to be gay.”
“When it comes to my political beliefs, my orientation is only one part of the story,” Benson says. “It’s not the totality of who I am.”

Here’s the rest. There’s a fascinating comment thread. Not joking. I learn more there than from the articles sometimes.

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