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Misandry: Objectifying the Shirtless Man Is Okay; $125,000 Gay Dating Scam Targeting Straight Men; Sex Before Work

Objectifying the Shirtless MAN Is Okay

I’m binge watching a TV series right now called This Is Us. I’m liking it a lot, and mainly because there’s a character on the show who is a good looking young guy who plays a character on a TV show and he gets fed up with people asking him to take off his shirt. He gets tired of being objectified and treated like a dumb-dumb. I find articles like this one interesting because no one seems to think there’s anything wrong with objectifying men. A lot of these guys exploit and objectify themselves, which is even more interesting. I’m never sure if it’s a lack of self-respect or the constant need to be the center of attention.

I’m no prude. I’ve written my share of sex scenes with men. I’ve also never objectified a character unless the story line called for it. And in real life I’ve never objectified anyone either. I post about people who objectify other people, but I try never to do that myself.

With that said…

That trend continues in the latest episode of CW’s runaway hit, which features handsome actor Cole Sprouse (previously of Disney’s The Suite Life of Zach & Cody) parting ways with his shirt.

It’s always Hollywood.

You can read more here. Imagine if they’d posted an article about a woman like this. There’s a word similar to misogyny that applies to men: misandry. You can look that up here.  

$125,000 Gay Dating Scam Targeting Straight Men

A convict in an Oklahoma prison was scamming straight-identifying men in the worst way possible. In this particular case it’s not just about someone in the closet getting caught, it’s about allegedly interacting with a minor…which is what the scam revolved around. Of course there were no minors involved, but these guys didn’t know that.

This reads like a movie script…

According to prosecutors, Siwek used the phones to connect with unsuspecting straight-identifying men. He would chat them up, pretending to be a male prostitute looking for sex with guys on the DL. One of his aliases was “Devon Jones,” a strapping, young 24-year-old living in Elyria, Ohio.

There’s more here. The discussion on the comment thread is worth reading, too. This one just reinforces my own theory: NEVER trust anyone online when it comes to anything related to sex or money.

Sex Before Work

This isn’t going to change the world, but it’s entertaining.

In a new study titled “From the Bedroom to the Office,” researchers claim having sex either before work helps improve a person’s job performance for 24 hours. At the same time, people who bring work home with them experience negative affects on their sex lives. So put away the cellphone, dear, and come to bed.

Here’s the rest. I’m sure most of you are thinking, “Easier said than done.” I think one secret to life when it comes to articles like this is knowing how full of crap they are, consciously knowing this.


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