Dave Bautista Covers Up Tattoo Associated with his Homophobic Friend,

Dave Bautista Covers up Tattoo Associated with his Homophobic Friend

I have just gained a new respect for actor, Dave Bautista. He recently had one of his tattoos covered up because of a homophobic ex-friend. 

Although Bautista doesn’t actually name this friend, he does discuss the fact that he has a lesbian mom and that he has no tolerance for homophobia or people who make homophobic comments. 

There is speculation about who the friend might be, which you can read at the link, below. But it’s all alleged right now and I hate to point fingers without more facts. 

For me, the fact that Bautista made this gesture is worth more than anything in the world. This is the kind of true ally we need. And I applaud him. 

Here’s the rest. There are photos of the tattoo. 

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